Family Hilariously Reacts to Delivery of 200 Chicken Nuggets After Dad Accidentally ‘Hit the x20’ on DoorDash

Their reaction to the meal blunder has gone viral on social media

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Now, that’s a lot of chicken nuggets!

A family has shared their tickled reaction in a viral video at receiving a whopping 200 chicken nuggets delivery from McDonald's after making the accidental order on DoorDash.

“My husband used DoorDash and hit the x20 on the 10 piece nuggets! 😂😂 @McDonald’s,” TikTok user Jessica Vaccaro explained in the clip.

In the hilarious video, the husband is seen cracking up with laughter along with his mother-in-law as she opens up packs upon packs of chicken nuggets while laying them all out on a table.

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The husband then drops another pack of chicken nuggets on the table, causing more fits of giggles between the family members.

“Oh my god,” a voice is heard saying. “Please tell me that’s it … Is that it? Are all those bags nuggets? Chris, where’s our food we actually ordered??”

“Oh my god, we did not order over 185 nuggets,” the person continued. “I think that’s actually more!”

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The woman featured in the video proceeds to count how many nuggets there is as she keeps on laughing. “160!” she finally says.

“160?!,” the voice behind the camera reacts. “We did not order 160 chicken nuggets. OK, please, is the rest of our food in there?” they then ask.

“I told you we’d eat more than 10 so,” the husband jokes by the end.

When asked in the comment section why her husband didn’t notice the price of the hefty order, Vaccaro replied, “My husband ordered it wasn’t paying attention 😅 typical lmao.”

A couple of other users suggested the family pass the chicken nuggets on to the homeless or freeze them for later use. Vacarro shared in response that the family “brought the [nuggets] down to the beach and fed the homeless."

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Others shared their amused reactions to the viral clip. “There are 2 types of people ... ones who need to look at their total when ordering food and those who just buy food,” one person responded.

“They thought someone must have had the munchies 😂,” someone else joked.

"Dude didn’t even question all the bags filled with nuggets before he got home 😭, " another added.

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