Fans Are Convinced Another Beyoncé And Lady Gaga Collaboration Is Coming

beyonce and lady gaga new music
Is A Beyoncé And Gaga Collaboration In The Works?Beyoncé/Lady Gaga/Vevo/YouTube

Trust Beyoncé to upstage the winners, attendees and even the Halftime Show performer at the Super Bowl with the news of new music.

In a 60-second Verizon commercial, which debuted during the sporting event, Bey teased that new music was coming, which she confirmed shortly after the commercial's premiere with a post shared to her Instagram.

beyonce super bowl 2024 announces renaissance act 2
Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

The long-rumoured country album, which Bey referred to as Renaissance: Act II and is the follow-up to Renaissance, will be coming on March 29. But that's not all. The Bey Hive has since deciphered from the 'Cuff It' star's social media posts that another collaboration between Bey and Lady Gaga may well be in the works.


One of the posts shared to Bey's Instagram included a video clip of a yellow taxi driving through the desert, which is reminiscent of the video for her 2010 single with Lady Gaga, 'Telephone', which infamously concluded with a 'To Be Continued' message.

That's not all. Gaga, who was also in attendance at Sunday night's Super Bowl, posted her making a peace sign with two of her fingers to her Instagram with the caption 'lets f*cking go.' Fans of both Gaga and Bey read between the lines and began theorising that the Haus Labs founder's peace sign could potentially signify her involvement in Renaissance: Act II or the long-awaited sequel to their original collaboration.

Needless to say, fans are already expressing their excitement at the mere possibility. 'Two like Act II like Telephone Part 2,' one fan wrote on X, while MTV UK's Instagram account chimed into the rumours by commenting, 'act ii?????' Another user on X surmised' 'One track [on Beyonce's new album] is called 'Texas Hold ‘Em' and one of Gaga’s most famous songs starts with 'I wanna hold ‘em like they do in Texas.'

The two pop powerhouses first worked together in 2009 when Bey recruited Gaga to feature on her single 'Video Phone', before Gaga returned the favour a year later by featuring Bey on her 2010 single 'Telephone.' Is anybody else sensing something of a pattern here? Watch this space...

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