Fans Are Gushing Over Ina Garten's Rare Tribute To Husband Jeffrey

Fans Are Gushing Over Ina Garten's Rare Tribute To Husband Jeffrey

Ina Garten fans across the country were recently treated to a rare sight. And no, we're not talking about the blue moon. Much better than that—we were finally treated to a new picture of Jeffrey Garten, a.k.a. the Barefoot Contessa's husband!

Jeffrey has been noticeably absent from Ina's Instagram page, but he was spotted in a light blue Barefoot Contessa hat and cozy Columbia jacket in a photo shared a couple of days ago.

The pic was likely taken during the holiday weekend as we all celebrated the end of summer. "Last official day of summer. I'd say someone had a great time! Hope you did too!!" her caption read.

Given that Ina doesn't post Jeffrey too often, fans were elated to see him on their timelines once again.

"Awwwww, it seems like forever since I’ve seen Jeffrey! I need your shows back on Food Network," one person wrote.

"Hello you two!!! Great seeing a pix of Jeffery!!!!!!!!!!!" another user added.

Others demanded "MORE JEFFREY CONTENT!"

One fan even declared Jeffrey to be "the luckiest man on Earth!"

Although Ina has yet to post a photo of her Labor Day spread, she did share photos detailing all the dishes she planned on making last weekend. Spoiler alert: It all sounds absolutely amazing!

"The Rosé Sangria can be made in the morning and will sit in the fridge. The Summer Skillet with Clams, Sausage & Corn can be prepped ahead and cooked in the 20 minutes before dinner. Heirloom Tomatoes & Blue Cheese - is there anything easier?? And Fig & Ricotta Cake can be made early in the afternoon and served with ice cream or crème fraiche," she revealed on Instagram. Maybe we'll be invited over next time?

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