Fans think Dua Lipa's ex just threw shade at her and her new boyfriend

did anwar hadid just shade ex dua lipa and her new boyfriend
Erm, did Dua's ex just throw shade at her new bf?Gotham - Getty Images

Dua Lipa showed off her new romance with filmmaker Romain Gavras at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend – but it seems not everyone was thrilled about it.

ICYMI, 27-year-old Dua and 41-year-old Romain couldn't keep their hands off each other as they walked the red carpet together at the festival, just weeks after they confirmed their relationship at Paris Fashion Week.

But, despite Dua having had several rumoured romances since her split from Anwar Hadid in 2021, the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid doesn't appear to approve of her new love.

did anwar hadid just shade ex dua lipa and her new boyfriend
Dua Lipa and her new boyfriend at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend.Stephane Cardinale - Getty Images

Taking to his Instagram Story at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival, Anwar wrote a sarcastic: "Have fun". In another – now-deleted – post, Anwar shared a selfie and said "trying not to find and kill him". Yikes!

Although Anwar didn't explicitly name Dua or Romain, fans connected the dots and shared their speculations about the apparent shade on social media. "Didn’t Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid break up ages ago? He’s acting obsessed," one person tweeted, as someone else said: "Anwar Hadid trying to be relevant again since Dua left him."

"It’s giving middle school 💀," another person tweeted, as a fourth chimed in with: "Put this on ur private story or message it to ur friends, don’t put it on ur public IG story."

Other people had a more light-hearted reaction to it all, with one person tweeting: "I knew checking Anwar’s Stories [wouldn't] disappoint."

We wonder if Dua and Romain saw those posts...

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