Farmer Wants A Wife fans devastated by Todd's final choice: 'Your greatest loss'

Farmer Wants A Wife fans didn't hold back, with one saying, "I do wish you the best, but I do believe you'll regret your decision in the future."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Todd
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left devastated by Farmer Todd's final choice, with some calling it his "greatest loss". Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife's Todd Melbourne left fans devastated on Monday night when he made his final choice between Grace, a school teacher, and Daisy, a gym manager. The cattle farmer made the choice most people could see coming – Daisy, despite the fact his friends and family told him they didn't really like her as much as Grace.

"We've both suffered heartbreak in the past. I think we've both learned from previous lessons," he told her. "You've said you are a big risk and I agree, but finding love is a big risk. And I guess I'm willing to take the risk with you, Daisy."


"You got me crying again. I love you so much. This is where the exciting part starts, right?" Daisy told him as they embraced.

One of the reasons Todd's friends and family weren't as keen on Daisy was due to the fact she was very similar to the women he's dated in the past – which clearly hadn't worked out. And also that she seemed to be falling for him very quickly, and had admitted to getting engaged, married and divorced from her ex within a very short timeframe before going on the show. Todd's mum was shocked when Daisy told her she was already in love with her son.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Todd and Grace in the finale
Many fans were left sad that Todd didn't choose Grace. Photo: Seven

Social media users shared their thoughts on Todd's choice, with one Instagram user joking, "Todd and Daisy will be married and divorced by the time of the reunion."

"Wrong choice! You’ll live to regret not choosing beautiful Grace," another added.

"Grace deserves much better - she’s in it for the long haul not a fling," a third said. "Your cowboy will come your way and sweep you off your feet Grace. Best wishes for the future."

"What happened the night Daisy snuck in for a 'snuggle'… think that 'snuggle' was a sealer," a fourth said, referencing Daisy getting caught by the other girls after sneaking into Todd's room for a cuddle. "Well played Daisy, well played!! Sorry Todd I like you but I think you should’ve listened to your friends and family."

"He didn't choose Grace!!!! Your greatest loss Todd!" someone else wrote.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Todd and Daisy in the finale
Fans were flabbergasted that Todd would choose Daisy when his friends and family told him not to. Photo: Seven

"Grace dodged a bullet with Farmer Todd, he & Daisy are a perfect match 😜," another said.

"Todd, Todd, Todd 🤦‍♀️ he couldn't get past the physical attraction, did you not listen to your family & friends??" one fan added. "I do wish you the best, but I do believe you'll regret your decision in the future."


Others shared their support for Daisy, with one Facebook user writing, "Oh wow how beautiful Daisy, congratulations."

"So happy for them. It really looks genuine 💜 Hope the haters now stop hating," another added.

"It's almost been 6 months since filming ceased and they are going strong, Daisy has moved to the farm and they are still very into each other," a third shared, also adding that Daisy has found a job near the farm.

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