Farmer Wants A Wife fans divided over Tom's final decision: 'Wrong choice'

What did you think of Farmer Tom's choice?

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Tom
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left divided over Farmer Tom's final decision, with some saying he made the 'wrong choice'. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left divided after Farmer Tom Boyer made his final decision on Sunday night, choosing Sarah Cranley and saying goodbye to Krissy Smith.

Tom, 22, seemed most worried about the age gap between himself and Krissy, 29, who is seven years older than him. The farmer told the camera, "I do care greatly for Krissy... But there is quite a large age gap between the two of us. It is a bit concerning."

When it came time to tell Krissy his decision, he told her, "When you commit, you commit 110 per cent. I’m not sure I can give you the same thing in that situation because you give so much. I just don’t know if I can be the person to offer that in return. I’ve decided I can’t see myself continuing on in this relationship."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Krissy and Tom
Krissy told Tom that she was "shocked" by the news he was choosing Sarah. Photo: Seven

Krissy was stunned by the news, telling him, "I’m a bit shocked and I think I have a valid reason to be. I did not see this coming. It felt really real for me. I’m shocked."

She leaves and Tom walks to catch up to her, realising he didn't tell her all the positive parts about their time together.


"I definitely didn't do you justice," he tells her. "I did the wrong thing by you. I kinda didn’t go into what you did mean to me."

He fumbles on his words, telling her, "I obviously feel terrible and I just kinda panicked and rushed it. I just can’t explain how grateful I am and everything."

Farmer Tom and Sarah kiss on Farmer Wants A Wife
Sarah was elated to find out she was Tom's final choice. Photo: Seven

When it comes time to tell Sarah that she is the one he's choosing, he tells her that he is worried about starting their relationship as a long-distance one as she will return to WA for a little while rather than move straight to the farm.

"Meeting your family, they did ask some very big questions that were a bit of a wake up call, made me think about a lot of different things – how well do we know each other in that sense?" he says. "After putting a lot of consideration into it, at this point in time Sarah... You are the person that I do want a relationship [with] and I am falling in love with you."

Sarah responds with a smile, "I think I'm already there." Tom soon tells her that he loves her, too.

While it was a very happy moment for the couple, fans shared their thoughts, with some thinking Tom made the wrong decision.

"Wrong choice think his mind was on the age difference more than what he feels," one Facebook user wrote. "Should [have] chosen Krissy she would have been your steadier influence."

"All about the age ... 🙁," another wrote. "Think the other one [Krissy] was more suited."

Krissy on Farmer Wants A Wife
Many fans thought Tom should have chosen Krissy. Photo: Seven

"Nope she's too immature and she'll be running home to mummy, she hasn't even experienced life and she's still living at home, she's never had a relationship before, how does she go from that to this, I don't think either of the final two were suited," a third added.

"I am actually really over watching these girls hearts being crushed," someone else said. "I can't believe the age difference was so important to someone who is supposedly ready to commit!"


Others said Krissy deserves someone "a little older and more mature".

But many fans agreed that Tom made the right decision, "Congratulations Sarah and Tom. I could Tell from your train date, hope you're still together post-filming."

"Definitely the right choice 🥰 nothing bad against his other girl, just feel she's a better fit for him," another said.

"You beauty. I predicted these two would end up together," another added.

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