Farmer Wants A Wife star spills on 'secret boyfriend' scandal: 'Fake'

Fans were shocked to watch this Farmer Wants A Wife drama unfold.

A scandal no one saw coming kicked off during Sunday night's episode of Farmer Wants A Wife when Farmer Dean received a message from an unknown source telling him one of his ladies has a 'secret boyfriend'. Dean read the message aloud to his fellow farmers, which revealed that Teegan, whom he has grown very close to, has a boyfriend on the outside.

The message read: "I hope you see this in time, but Teegan, who you are currently filming Farmer Wants A Wife with, has a boyfriend. She might be leading you on. She's in love with someone at home."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Dean
Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Dean reads the text message to his ladies. Photo: Seven

After Dean told the four other farmers, word quickly spread amongst the girls about what had happened, and it came back to Dean's group. When he shared the message with the group, Teegan ran off, and Dean chased after her.


"You know that's not true," she told him through tears as he hugged her.

Interestingly, the drama seemed to have only brought the pair closer together, with Dean choosing to ignore it.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Dean and Teegan
Interestingly, the drama seemed only to have brought Dean and Teegan closer together. Photo: Seven

"I'm so sorry," Dean told Teegan as she cried into his arms.

"It made me pretty upset seeing her crying," he told the cameras.

Hayley, another of Dean's ladies, could see the strong bond between him and Teegan and decided to take herself out of the running for his heart and leave the show.

Secret boyfriend 'curveball'

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Farmer Joe told us what it was like at the time to see the 'curveball' of the message come through.

"Yeah, that was a bit of a curveball, and I felt a lot for Deano after that, because I know that Dean was really into Teegan at the time too," Joe tells us. "And it was just a curveball that came out of nowhere. He was definitely fighting with it, I could tell."

Farmer Wants A Wife
Moments before Dean dropped the bombshell to the other boys about the message. Photo: Seven

He adds that Dean is a "great guy" who has never had to deal with this kind of thing before.

"He's never been in an environment like this, none of us had, but I think it really got to him, and we were just trying to be as supportive as we could for him. And it was just a single message from what looked like a fake account on Instagram."


Joe continues, "People in this world aren't happy sometimes and they want to make someone else unhappy, so I wouldn't read too much into it, I would just go with my gut and that was my advice."

And as for all the fans who believe Dean is going to leave the show with Teegan? Farmer Joe definitely suggests this could be the case.

While avoiding answering the question, Joe did say this: "Listen, Deano just wants to find love, and he was honest about that from the start. And that's big Deano, he's a big softie. Deano's in it for love."

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