Farmer Wants A Wife's Sophie hard launches new relationship after split

'I’m really happy.'

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sophie Holcombe has hard launched her new relationship almost five months after splitting from Farmer Brenton Kuch.

The 25-year-old social media manager recently shared a loved-up snap on Instagram of herself and Max Dyball, a professional triathlete, alongside a love heart and a disco ball emoji.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sophie Holcombe and Max Dyball.
Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sophie Holcombe is now dating Max Dyball after splitting from Brenton Kuch. Photo: Instagram/sophie_holcombe

While it’s unknown exactly when the pair first started seeing each other, Max was featured in a gallery of photos she posted in October when she did a winery tour with friends.

Sophie’s friends and FWAW co-stars flooded her recent post with supportive messages and wished them both the best in their relationship.

“Happy for you babe,” Anna Greenaway wrote, followed by Lorelei Bates who said, “You look so damn happy”.

“Great to see you happy and looking fab Sophie,” one fan commented, while another added, “What a lovely picture! You look very happy”.


Speaking to So Dramatic! about the post on Tuesday, Sophie confirmed that she and Max had been dating for “a couple of months now”.

“We actually met at my local gym, he’s a trainer there,” she shared. “If I never went on the show, I would’ve never got offered my current job, moved to Inverloch, or met Max. I’m really happy.”

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Brenton Kuch and Sophie Holcombe.
Sophie announced her split from Brenton in August and said they were ‘no longer in regular communication’. Photo: Channel 7

'I truly loved Brenton'

After announcing her split from Brenton in August, Sophie confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she and the dairy farmer had “mutually parted” but were “no longer in regular communication”.

She also addressed rumours surrounding their breakup after it was made to look on the show that she wasn't ready to settle on the farm and wanted to go travelling instead.

“The breakup had absolutely nothing to do with me not wanting to live on the farm or wanting to go on a holiday,” she shared.

“This adventurous storyline was produced simply to create controversy. I would never have signed myself up for a show like this if I wasn’t willing to make a life-long commitment to both the farmer and the farm.

“I truly loved Brenton and was heartbroken by the outcome. I went through a lot and I am sad this is how it has ended.”

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