Fast X: Cast, plot and reviews as Fast and Furious sequel hits digital

The end of the road is in sight for the Fast & Furious franchise

Fast X (Universal Pictures)
Fast X (Universal Pictures)

Vin Diesel and his family are back for the beginning of the final ride. Today sees the digital release of Fast X, the tenth film in The Fast Saga, and the eleventh in the Fast and Furious universe, that also includes 2018’s spin-off Hobbs & Shaw.

Initially focusing on street racing, the series has involved into an action-crime saga that has grossed over $6.6billion in box office since the first film arrived in 2001.

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Here’s everything we know about Fast X so far...

Fast X release date

Fast X is available to buy or rent at home on digital now. It has a run time of 141 minutes, making it one of the longest entries in the series so far, running just three minutes shorter than its predecessor Fast 9.

Fast X (Universal Pictures)
Fast X (Universal Pictures)

The US titles of the Fast & Furious films have been different to the UK titles on many occasions, with the British release opting for a straight forward numbered approach. So: Fast Five, Furious 7, The Fate of The Furious and F9 were all known as Fast and Furious 5, 7, 8 and 9 in the UK.

As it stands, it looks like Fast X will be released under the same name globally.

Fast X reviews

Fast X held its world premiere in Rome in early May. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
Fast X held its world premiere in Rome in early May. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

The latest in the Fast & Furious franchise has stormed its way into cinemas, much to the delight of critics who have raced to their keyboards to share their thoughts on the beginning of the end for this long-running series. Here's what they thought of Fast X...

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Is there a Fast X trailer?

A new trailer for Fast X dropped in late April and began with a bang — literally. Momoa's Dante can be seen trying to blow up the Vatican in Rome.

From there, we get a deeper look at his long-running feud with Diesel's Toretto, alongside plenty of quick-cut action shots.

The first Fast X trailer was released ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl.

The high-octane trailer sees multiple explosive car chases and stunts, including Diesel’s car being hoisted into the air by two helicopters.

“Dominic Toretto, you’re about to learn all about fear,” Momoa tells Diesel, following a flashback montage.

“You’ve built such a beautiful life filled with love and family. I never got that chance. You stole that from me. My future, my family, and now I’m going to break yours. Piece by piece.”

Fast X plot

Fast X montage poster (Universal Pictures)
Fast X montage poster (Universal Pictures)

The film’s story sees Dominic ‘Dom’ Toretto (Vin Diesel) once again antagonised by Cipher (Charlize Theron), who has joined forces with a face from Dom’s past. Jason Momoa plays Dante, the son of Fast Five villain Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida).

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Twisted by twelve years of grief, his plot for revenge will see the crew race across the world to prevent disaster, but Dom faces his toughest task yet when it emerges that Dante’s target is his son (Leo Abelo Perry).

Who made Fast X?

L to R: Vin Diesel and Director Louis Leterrier on the set of FAST X
Vin Diesel and Director Louis Leterrier on the set of Fast X. (Universal)

Fast X was directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier, known for films such as Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk, Clash of The Titans, and Now You See Me.

He replaced Justin Lin, who was behind five of the previous films but abruptly left production of Fast X in April 2022 just a week after filming began. Creative differences were cited, but Lin remains on board as a producer.

Letterier has also been confirmed as the director of Fast 11.

Fast X cast

L to R: Vin Diesel and Daniela Melchior in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier
Vin Diesel and Daniela Melchior in Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier. (Universal)

Vin Diesel heads the cast as Dominic Toretto, joining fellow series regulars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, Jordana Brewster and Nathalie Emmanuel as the Toretto crew, or ‘family’.

In addition, John Cena goes from antagonist to ally as Dom’s brother Jakob, alongside Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, another baddie who saw the light. Dame Helen Mirren returns as Shaw’s mother Queenie, while screen legend Rita Moreno (West Side Story) has been cast as the Abuelita (grandmother) of the Toretto family.

Jason Momoa is Dante in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier
Jason Momoa is Dante in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier

Causing trouble for Dom and co. this time is new cast member Jason Momoa, making his first appearance in the franchise, while Joaquim de Almeida appears in flashbacks. Charlize Theron has appeared as Cipher since the eighth film, and looks to repeat the ‘puppet master’ role she had in Fast and Furious 9.

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Changes have been made to the government figures, following the death of Kurt Russell’s Mr Nobody in Fast and Furious 9. Reacher star Alan Ritchson joins the cast as Agent Aimes, the new leader of the agency run by Mr Nobody.

Brie Larson is Tess in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier
Brie Larson is Tess in Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier. (Universal)

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson will also appear as a member of the agency, who has a more sympathetic view of Dom and his crew than Aimes.

Will Paul Walker’s Brian Conner return?

Paul Walker in <i>Fast and Furious 7</i> (Universal Pictures)
Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 7. (Universal Pictures)

Since the tragic death of Paul Walker in 2014, the Fast and Furious movies have paid tribute to him in various ways. Fast and Furious 7 used already filmed footage and CGI to give his character, Brian Conner, the perfect send off, while Fast and Furious 9 confirmed he is still present in the universe with a shot of his car.

Given the plot focuses on the events of Fast and Furious 5, it’s been confirmed by Louis Leterrier that Walker will appear in flashbacks. “This movie jumps back and forth between the past and the present. You will see Brian in the past, you won’t see Brian in the present” he told GamesRadar.

That said, we will get a special cameo appearance from Walker's daughter.

Meadow Walker took to Instagram to confirm her upcoming cameo in Fast X by saying she was "born into the Fast family."

While keeping the extent of her role secret for now, Meadow added: "I am so blessed to be able to honor my father’s legacy and share this with him forever x I love you all so much."

Is Fast X the last film in the franchise?

Vin Diesel is Dom in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier
Vin Diesel is Dom in Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier. (Universal)

Fast X is the penultimate film in the franchise, with the eleventh (as yet untitled) film being the finale. It’s been reported that the films make up a two part final story, as we’ve seen with other franchises in the past, and will end with a cliffhanger.

Regarding the decision to end things, Diesel told Vulture: “The finale comes because every good story needs a finale; because every book that you’ve read has a last chapter; because that’s the nature of storytelling”. However, it may not be the end of the universe entirely.

Regarding a Dom Toretto spin-off the actor remarked “I will say that there is nothing that is off the table”.

Fast X is available to buy or rent at home on digital now.