Fatal Attraction's TV series starring Joshua Jackson: Everything we know so far

Watch: Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan star in the Fatal Attraction TV series trailer

Fatal Attraction is set to get a reboot, this time as a TV series bringing the classic tale of infidelity back to our screens.

But who will star in it and how different is the plot? Here's everything we know so far.

When does the Fatal Attraction TV series start?

There isn't long to wait until you can see Fatal Attraction reimagined as a modern day TV series - it's due to begin streaming in the UK on Monday, 1 May.

You'll need a subscription to Paramount+ to be able to watch it.

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Who is starring in the Fatal Attraction TV series?

Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson star in Fatal Attraction. (Paramount+)
Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson star in Fatal Attraction. (Paramount+)

The original film of Fatal Attraction famously starred Michael Douglas as the cheating husband Dan Gallagher and Glenn Close as Alex Forrest, the woman he had an affair with.

In the TV series, Dawson's Creek's Joshua Jackson stars as Dan, opposite Mean Girls' Lizzy Caplan as Alex.

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Amanda Peet takes on Anne Archer's role as Dan's wife, Beth Gallagher.

Other cast for the TV series includes Alyssa Jirrels as Dan's daughter Ellen Gallagher, Toby Huss as Mike Gerard, Reno Wilson as Detective Earl Brooker and Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson.

Fans of the film might remember Jane Krakowski playing the babysitter in an early career role, although her TV series replacement has not been announced yet.

How is the TV series different to the film?

Amanda Peet joins the TV series cast as Dan's wife Beth. (Paramount+)
Amanda Peet joins the TV series cast as Dan's wife Beth. (Paramount+)

Fatal Attraction was released in 1987 and presented Alex as a deranged obsessive, while Dan got a sympathetic reception as a man who'd made a mistake and was facing a nightmare.

Obviously, the plot is problematic especially viewed through the lens of what we now know about coercive control and personality disorders.

Expect a much more nuanced look at where the blame lies, who was in the wrong, and how the character of Alex should be viewed.

A newly released trailer gives an idea of what the series will include, with many familiar moments still featured in the show.

Fatal Attraction begins streaming on Monday, 1 May on Paramount+.