Fatherhood is what life is all about, says Matt Smith

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Matt Smith thinks fatherhood would make him less "self-involved".
The 39-year-old actor - who has previously dated the likes of Lily James and Daisy Lowe - doesn't have any children of his own, but he thinks it would change his entire outlook on life.
Reflecting on the impact of fatherhood, Matt shared: "I would imagine having children allows this all to fade away a bit. Because there just isn’t the time to w*** on and on. There isn’t the time to be so self-involved, not if someone needs to go to school or they’ve got spaghetti hoops up their nose."
Matt is currently single but admitted that having kids is "what life is all about".
He told Esquire: "I do think that’s what life is all about in the end. Children. Making a family. You know, when you’re dead, and you’re on the slab, that’s what’ll count."
Matt starred as Prince Philip in the hit Netflix series 'The Crown'. And although he missed out on numerous accolades for his performance, he insists he doesn't harbour any bitterness.
The actor - who starred on the show alongside Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth - shared: "Don’t get me wrong. There’s always a moment, after ‘And the winner is’, that stings you. Because you’re there, you’re in a f****** suit, you’ve got your mum with you, you’ve flown to Los Angeles. And because everyone around you who’s in the same show keeps winning! But it stings for a nanosecond. It isn’t important."
Matt was ultimately able to find some joy in the complimentary words of his co-star.
He said: "Claire won everything. My award was the absolutely beautiful and gracious things she said about me in her speeches."