Fatherhood has reset my life, says Ice-T

Ice-T's life was "reset" by the arrival of his daughter.
The 65-year-old rap star has Chanel, seven, with his wife Coco Austin, and he admits that she's transformed his life.
The rapper - who also has Letesha, 47, and Tracy, 31, from previous relationships - told E! News: "Muhammad Ali said it, he said when a man has a child in the second half of his life, it resets his life.
"When Chanel was born, all of a sudden I got more healthy, I'm in shape. Because you can start to slow down - I can't start to slow down."
Ice-T relishes the challenge of parenthood and he's described Chanel as his "new motivation".
He explained: "I've got grown kids. Now I've got a new daughter and I'm so focused with her. It's just amazing. It's a great thing. And you've gotta have a reason for living, you've gotta have motivation. Chanel is my new motivation."
Meanwhile, Coco recently revealed that she loves the challenge of motherhood.
The TV star told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I like it, more than managing myself. Actually, I put my stuff aside for so long, because I love doing her more than me.
"You know, I kinda stepped up a little bit and started doing more social media, but I like having more fun with her."
Coco wants her daughter to become a success in Hollywood. However, she also wants Chanel to adopt an old-fashioned approach.
She said: "Everyone's like, 'Oh, you know someone in Hollywood. You know a friend. You should ...' That's the easy route.
"I really wanted to go by the book. I wanted her to audition. So, I don't know if you know this, or people out there, that you have to audition to [sign with an] agency. So, they have to be accepted. So, she auditioned for a prestigious agency, called Zuri, and she got in and, yeah, we just started.
"We've been auditioning for 'Sesame Street' and all that good stuff! So, you never know what might come through."