Feet fight! Joy Behar slams comic for joking about her ‘love of going barefoot on planes’

Joy Behar has slammed Matt Rogers for talking about her alleged habit of walking around barefoot on airplanes.
The 81-year-old TV host, had the jokey bust-up with the comic, 33, on ‘The View’, when he revealed they were on the same flight back to the US from the Bahamas.
He told her: “You were barefoot on that plane. Shut up! Don’t tell people that.
“I wasn’t walking around, though.”
Her co-host Sunny Hostin, 55, who was on the same flight, backed Matt, saying: “I was seated next to her and you did take your shoes off.”
Joy added: “So what?!”
Matt added he “respected” the ABC host’s decision to fly without shoes, calling it a “power move”.
Joy went on: “I object to this court of inquiry right now,” with Sunny telling the group: “Let’s move on.”
Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, 68, then chimed in with a moment of comedic relief, joking: “This is why I don’t hang out with them.”
In February 2022, the co-hosts had a discussion about whether guests should abide by a homeowner’s rule to take their shoes off at their home.
Joy joked during the chat: “Not everybody has gorgeous feet like I have,” – before she hoisted her bare foot onto the table.
Sunny agreed at the time: “You do have gorgeous feet,” while Whoopi also shared later in the segment that Joy has her own page on WikiFeet, which monitors that part of a celeb’s body.
The author then appeared annoyed when she learned Sunny and fellow co-host Sara Haines, 46, had a higher ranking than her on the foot fetish site.
Ana Navarro, 51, added at the time, “This is so disgusting. Can we please stop putting people’s feet on the table?”
Joy’s feet also got attention in September when Matthew McConaughey, 54, was a guest and gave the comedian a foot rub, with the actor being told by the stand-up: “It so happens I got a pedicure this week.”