Feisty exchange on Aussie waterway leads to 'instant karma'

The bitter dispute started when the woman accused the boater and his daughter of speeding down a creek, while they dispute this.

A feisty exchange on an Aussie waterway resulted in a kayaker getting “instant karma” when she attempted to splash a boater and his daughter – and plunged headfirst into the river.

The moment was captured by Benny Larkin, 33, and daughter Taylor, 14, who were boating down Dora Creek in NSW when they broke down and were approached by a kayaker.

The exchange quickly becomes heated – with the group slinging insults at one another. Benny, from Grafton, calls the kayaker a ‘Karen’ so she addresses the camera to claim 'this c**k-sucker was doing 24 knots up the creek'.

The kayaker (left) attempts to splash a father and daughter (middle) before falling into the water (right).
The kayaker was met with 'instant karma' after attempting to splash a father and daughter. Source: Kennedy News & Media

It is understood that the dispute is over the speed of the boat travelling down the creek. The kayaker argues that Benny is speeding while he says the boat engine stopped working while they slowed down to meet the four-knot speed limit.

During the fiery exchange, the woman kayaks closer to Benny’s vessel and tries to splash him with her oar but instead capsizes her kayak and falls into the water.

Benny laughs and tells her he's going to post it to social media but the lady continues her tirade while lying across her kayak and turns her rage on Taylor, asking if she knows the rules. When Taylor replies yes, she immediately responds "no you don't".

Benny and his daughter get their boat engine working again and motor away with the woman waving sarcastically behind them.

Watch the interaction:

Dad 'annoyed' by confrontation

The dad has since said he was annoyed by the confrontation which happened in January but wanted to remain calm and be a 'smartass' to her instead of losing his temper. Benny, who posted the video to TikTok later that day, says the lady falling from her kayak was 'instant karma trying to spoil his day'.

Benny said he started filming when the woman started swearing.

"I was annoyed she was saying this stuff in front of my daughter and that's why I had to film her,” he said. "I thought she was going to hit me with an oar so I gave the phone to my daughter.

"She tried splashing me and it wet all my boat gear but she got instant karma.”

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