I Felt My Loose Under-Eye Skin Noticeably Tighten After Using This Gel, and It Brightened My Entire Face

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Shoppers also saw their puffy eye bags disappear "in minutes."

Like most busy adults, I’m often exhausted. But it’s one thing to feel tired, it’s another to look tired — every single day. So much so that the uninhibited comment on my weary eyes (read: dark circles and puffy bags). While I’ve suffered from dark under-eye circles throughout my life, they’ve become increasingly noticeable as I’ve aged, and are now topped off with puffy bags and thinning, saggy skin.

As a shopping editor, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a number of different eye creams to brighten and tighten, but they often end up irritating my sensitive eyes and don’t produce results until weeks later. When I was sent Dr. Brandt’s No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel, I was intrigued by its promise to firm and smooth skin, and to brighten circles both instantly and over time. After all, I’m a tad impatient and like to see improvement as quickly as possible. And right now, you can get it for 20 percent off with code DDM20.

Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel

<p>Dr. Brandt</p>

Dr. Brandt



The gel is formulated to produce similar results as in-office cosmetic procedures, including tightening saggy skin, smoothing fine lines, reducing puffy bags, and brightening dark circles. After using a face moisturizer, I took a small amount and warmed it up between my fingers for five seconds, as advised by the brand, then gently dabbed it across each of my under-eye circles. The area appeared red at first, but after a minute, I felt it drying and noticed the circles had lightened, and the skin felt physically tighter and smooth to the touch once it was fully dry.

Not only did I see an immediate improvement, but after using the gel for two weeks, I began to notice reduced fine lines and dark circles even after cleansing my face. I looked like a person who gets a full 8 hours of sleep each night, even though it’s usually only around five. You can see in my no-makeup photo below, in which I applied the gel to my one eye, that the area of that one eye is brighter, and the appearance of my fine lines has been smoothed out entirely after mere minutes.

<p>InStyle / Lauren Fischer </p>

InStyle / Lauren Fischer

To notice these benefits, the No More Baggage Eye Gel contains caffeine that reduces inflammation and tightens the skin, peptides to boost elasticity and brighten, and the brand’s Filmatrix technology consisting of algae, plant extracts, and silicates that add a natural layer of second skin to cover the unwanted dark and puffy appearance. While I saw so much improvement, I’ve decided to forego concealer, but if you choose to layer with makeup, give the gel a full five minutes to dry before applying.

Shoppers saw similar improvement in their under-eye area, including one person who said their “eye bag instantly poof! Disappeared in minutes.” They noted that the gel is “like finding the unicorn.” Another shopper who is 50 said that after using the gel regularly, “the oldest age [they were told they] looked was 35.”

Want to give your dark circles and sagging skin even more of a boost? Grab the Dr. Brandt Fatigue Fighting Eye Gel, available on its own or as part of the Under Eye Rescue Duo. Used with the de-puffing gel, it further wakes up the eyes with its cooling properties and ceramic applicator, and you can save 30 percent when you buy both products in the set.

Dr. Brandt Fatigue Fighting Eye Gel

<p>Dr. Brandt</p>

Dr. Brandt


You don’t need dozens of under-eye products or a doctor’s visit to reduce the appearance of dark, puffy circles. Just snag the Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel for $36 with code DDM20, and see improvements almost instantly.

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