'We finish each other's sentences!' Aly and AJ on their sisterly bond

Aly and AJ have a "unique" sisterly bond.
The pop duo - which is made up of sisters Alyson, 33, and 31-year-old Amanda Michalka - have been releasing albums for almost 20 years and Aly admitted that all these years later they still have a "sacred bond" between themselves.
She told E! News: "It's very unique. We finish each other's sentences. It's unlike any other friendship [or] relationship you have in your life. A sibling is very sacred. The fact that we were able share this space together for so many years and to have each other to lean on, to support each other, makes the ride so much better. We always talk about how we wouldn't be interested in doing this if we were solo artists."
Outside of their musical duo, the 'Potential Breakup Song' hitmakers have carved out their own careers in acting, with Aly known for her role as Keely Teslow on Disney Channel sitcom 'Phil of the Future ' while AJ starred in the leading role of the sitcom 'Schooled', and the sisters explained that they would be willing to join forces on screen for the right project.
AJ said: "If the right thing came or we developed something together that really felt like us and our bond was being portrayed correctly on screen—which I think is tricky actually to get right—I would definitely do it!"
When Aly noted that she would like to make an appearance in Netflix drama 'You', AJ remarked: "You'd be great at that. I actually think you'd be perfect for that."