Florence Pugh set for cooking show?

Florence Pugh is in talks for a cooking show.
The 'Don't Worry Darling' actress' 'Cooking With Flo' Instagram videos proved to be a hit during the COVID-19 lockdown and she's now designing the kitchen in her new London home with more food content, including a potential TV series, in mind.
She told TIME magazine of the project: “Conversations are happening. If I were to make something, I wouldn’t want it to be polished or clean or fussy.”
Florence previously reflected on how dancing and cooking had helped her during lockdown.
Speaking to Vogue magazine for their 'Postcards From Home: Creativity in a Time of Crisis' feature in April 2020, she said: "For the first few days I felt low. Then my dad reminded me that I needed to dance and I needed to cook and I needed to do all of the things that make me happy.
"I instantly started shimmying and boogeying in the morning and I felt so much happier and just...bubbly all day.
"I've also turned toward chopping and cooking and flavours. I have this vegetable patch that I put in in autumn of last year, so that's where I'm getting all my cabbages, and my leeks - and my elephant garlics!
"I'm totally finding a sense of calm in all the greenery."
The 27-year-old actress admitted she had found much more solace in cooking than when she tried meditation.
She added: "Meditation doesn't really work on me. I get very frustrated that my brain thinks about too many things. So I tend to turn to cooking and stirring.
"Last night I made a little kind of one-pot dish just to use all things in the fridge, and it completely calmed me down."