Here Are the Flower Types Pet Owners Should Avoid This Valentine’s Day, According to Veterinarians

Sunflowers, petunias and pansies, meanwhile, are all pet-friendly flowers

<p>Getty</p> Dog with a heart-shaped balloon.


Dog with a heart-shaped balloon.

Pets should stay away from certain flowers for their health, veterinarians say while sharing their floral safety tips ahead of Valentine's Day.

Trusted Housesitters, a website that finds sitters to watch dogs while their owners are away, teamed up with veterinarians across the nation to highlight what plants can be dangerous to pets, as well as others that are pet-friendly.

Per the organization, lilies are one flower that should be avoided by pets this February — especially cats, as they can cause deadly kidney failure.

Hydrangeas, which contain a chemical known as amygdalin, and carnations, which contain natural toxins, are two others that pets of all kinds should avoid.

Daffodils and tulips, meanwhile, are also poisonous to some animals, TrustedHousesitters said, especially their bulbs.

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<p>Getty</p> Various flowers that are poisonous to pets.


Various flowers that are poisonous to pets.

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Angela Laws, head of community with TrustedHousesitters, says in a statement, "If you’re lucky enough to receive a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, often it’s the popular flowers that look and smell great in the home, that are the most harmful to our beloved pets."

“Make sure that anything you leave in reach of your pets is safe, should they get their paws on it, keeping an eye out to spot any abnormal signs that your pet has become unwell, in which case a vet should be consulted immediately," she adds.

<p>Getty</p> Red paper hearts.


Red paper hearts.

TrustedHousesitters, which describes itself as being part of "a global pet-loving community," also highlights which flowers are pet-friendly.

According to the group, sunflowers, petunias and pansies are all compatible with dogs and cats' living spaces.

Marigolds and snapdragons are also pet-friendly, as are violas, freesia and orchids, the organization adds.

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