Foods You Should NEVER Pass Up If You See Them At HomeGoods

best foods at homegoods
10 Foods You Should Never Pass Up At HomeGoodsAllison Arnold / Joanna Saltz

Is there anything you can't find at HomeGoods? Cue the crickets. We all love HomeGoods for its great deals and surprising finds, but beyond home decor, martini glasses, and kitchen gadgets and tools, there's also a huge selection of food. From Italian pasta and biscotti to weeknight dinners and gourmet condiments, you can stock a whole kitchen from a HomeGoods run. Apart from fresh produce, you might be able to skip the grocery store altogether.

We hit up our local HomeGoods stores to find the very best food items you can buy. The best part about HomeGoods is the ever-changing selection of products, so you never know what you might find.

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Flavored Syrups

With their wide variety of flavored syrups, HomeGoods is the place to go when it comes to stocking your bar. Whether your drink of choice is coffee or a cocktail (or both), these syrups will take your drinks to the next level—and at an affordable price. You can find flavors like salted caramel, vanilla bean, mojito mint, and so much more.

coffee syrups
Joanna Saltz

Gourmet Pasta

Who does't love a store where you can pick up throw pillows and a bag of gourmet pasta? Spaghetti, pappardelle, truffle tagliatelle—grab a bag, maybe some new wine glasses (it is HomeGoods), one of our pasta recipes and treat yourself to a feast.

Allison Arnold

Coffee Pods

Several of our picks for the best K-Cup coffee can be found at HomeGoods. You can often find popular brands like The Original Donut Shop, Dunkin', and Green Mountain.

coffee pods
Allison Arnold

Flavored Popcorn

Nothing beats popcorn, and HomeGoods has a huge selection of flavors—you never know what you'll find. Just in this photo alone there are flavors like Salsa Picante, Dill Pickle, and Everything Bagel.

flavored popcorn
Joanna Saltz

Gourmet Condiments

You might have to do some digging, but just look at the variety of spreads, condiments, and olives on this shelf. Add some variety to your pantry or craft an epic charcuterie board with things like bruschetta, sundried tomatoes, jam, salsa macha, mustard, and a variety of olives.

Allison Arnold

Spices & Seasonings

Whether you're stocking up on salt and peppercorns, or want to add to your spice cabinet, HomeGoods is a good place to start. You can find small jars of spices in addition to bulk containers.

spices and seasonings
Allison Arnold

Gluten-Free Snacks

HomeGoods has a wide variety of snacks and many happen to be gluten-free, like these zucchini chips. Browse the aisles of chips, popcorn, and cookies—just be sure to check the label.

gluten free snacks
Joanna Saltz

Imported Italian Sweets

Like a biscotti or wafer cookies with your morning coffee? You can find a lot of treats imported right from Italy on the shelves of HomeGoods. They also make great gifts.

italian sweets
Joanna Saltz / Allison Arnold

Quick Dinner Options

There's a large selection of one-pan dinners—perfect for weeknights! You can find anything from risotto to curry and ramen.

Joanna Saltz


Forget your honey bear from the grocery store and try out some gourmet options. Drizzle it over crêpes, grilled mango, or add to your next charcuterie board.

Joanna Saltz

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