Foods You Need To Try At Disney's Avengers Campus

In the newest installation of Iconic Eats, Adriana Redding heads down to Anaheim, California, to visit one of the most iconic theme parks in the world: Disneyland. One of the newest attractions in Disney California Adventure Park is Avengers Campus. This area, dedicated to the late, great Stan Lee, offers a variety of Marvel-themed rides and experiences.

There are so many attractions at Disney's Avengers Campus, but the thing we're most excited about is, of course, the food. With all the Marvel-related treats, it’s almost impossible to decide which to try. Thankfully, Adriana ate her way through the park to find the best of the best.

Here are the six can't-miss food and drink items at Disney's Avengers Campus:

Best Drink: X-Periment, $20

Chelsea Lupkin

This cocktail at Pym Tasting Lab is one of the most popular drinks in the park—and for good reason. This blend of Patrón Silver tequila, mango, and habanero is served in a beaker-inspired cup and filled with sweet mango popping boba.

The X-Periment offers the ideal balance of sweet, spicy, and tart. And the popping boba adds an extra level of fun to the already delicious drink.

Best Meatless Option: Impossible Victory Falafel, $13.99

falafel wrap
Chelsea Lupkin

Shawarma Place is a kiosk inspired by one of the most iconic post-credits scenes in Marvel history. And naturally, you can find plenty of hearty and filling wraps. The Impossible Victory Falafel is full of crispy falafel and spiced cauliflower.

Still not convinced? The wrap is also topped with garlic spread, pickled vegetables, and a coconut yogurt-tahini sauce. It's one of the best meatless dishes we've had in an amusement park period.

Best Appetizer: Quantum Pretzel, $12.99

quantum pretzel
Chelsea Lupkin

At Pym Test Kitchen, everything on the menu plays with proportions, as if they were sprinkled with Pym particles. The quantum pretzel is no exception: this thing is HUGE. It's served on a fun metal rack and accompanied with a side of beer cheese dipping sauce.

Pretzels are already an iconic theme park treat, and this version is big enough to share with your family before enjoying an entree. But just a warning: you may have to fight over that beer cheese.

Best Entree: Not So Little Chicken Sandwich, $15.49

not so little chicken sandwich
Chelsea Lupkin

The Not So Little Chicken Sandwich is another item at Pym Test Kitchen that looks as if it's expanded in size. For $15.49 you get a massive breaded chicken cutlet with coleslaw, teriyaki, and red chili sauce. And, to top it all off, it comes on a comically small brioche bun.

If your favorite part of a chicken sandwich is the meat, then this is the dish for you. They even sweeten the deal with crispy tater tots!

Best Dessert: Sweet Spiral Ration, $5.75

sweet spiral
Chelsea Lupkin

Churros are a classic theme park dessert, and we strongly believe that Disneyland's churros are the best in the game. This version from Terran Treats tastes like an Alien's approximation of our favorite cinnamon-dusted snack.

The sweet spiral ration is just as crispy as the classic rendition, but the soft and fluffy center tastes just like raspberries. It's a fun switch-up from the flavors you know and love, and you won't be able to find it anywhere else.

Best For Sharing: Celestial-Sized Candy Bar, $7.99

candy bar
Chelsea Lupkin

Remember how exciting it was to go trick-or-treating and visit the house with the full-sized candy bars? This dessert from Pym Test Kitchen captures that same feeling with their massive chocolate bar.

The Celestial-Sized Candy Bar layers a brownie, caramel, nougat, and peanuts before blanketing it all in dark chocolate. It's so rich and decadent that it's hard to enjoy all on your own. Instead, we recommend sharing this treat with a friend.

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