Footage captures 'crazy' snake discovery off Aussie coast: 'Holy heck'

It's unknown how the huge python became stranded at sea but snake catchers say it was lucky to survive the adventure.

The carpet python was barely able to keep its head above the water (left) and it was caught with a large net (right).
A land snake was spotted in the ocean off Bridie Island by a boat. Source: Facebook

Footage of a "huge" snake being rescued at sea has shocked snake catchers who can't for the life of them figure out how the reptile, which inhabits land, managed to get out so far.

Snake catcher Brandon Gifford described the discovery as "crazy" after a woman travelling on a boat near Bribie Island, situated south of the Sunshine Coast, saw the carpet python swimming in open water, with its head barely bobbing out the water.

She managed to steer the boat close enough to the reptile and "scoop" it out using a large net, holding it overboard while a man on the boat drove them to shore.

"Holy heck," Gifford said excitedly online. "We just got it [the video] from Amy, she encountered a snake out at sea. Now it wasn't a sea snake, it was a land snake that got washed adrift and she's managed to net it, bring it back to land nice and safe."

Snakes are known to enter swimming pools in an attempt to cool down or find food sources, like frogs, which have fallen into the water. Although they can swim, snakes are unable to do it for a long period of time and are known to drown if they are unable to escape. It's unusual to find one in the ocean, making Gifford assume the snake was somehow washed out by the waves and was struggling when Amy found it.

Sea snakes, as their name suggests, have much stronger swimming abilities compared to land snakes and even have the ability to swim backwards, making this a distinct difference between the two types.

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