Frequent rounds of rain to continue in Northeast through this week

Finding a stretch of dry days may be a difficult, if not impossible, task in the northeastern United States through this week and perhaps into next, AccuWeather meteorologists say.

A pattern will be in place where one weather system or another will produce extensive areas of clouds, showers, and, in some cases, hours of steady rain. Soon after one storm leaves with its clouds and lingering showers, a new storm will already be brewing in the Midwest with eyes for the Northeast hours to a day later.

"It certainly looks like most areas will not bunch two dry days in a row into next weekend," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines said.

That could spell big trouble for outdoor construction projects, such as painting and paving operations, as well as the planting and spraying of fields and ball games. Lawns may fail to thoroughly dry for cutting crews and days where a game of golf or lawn maintenance can occur will be limited.

Finding a window for a rain-free walk, jog or lunch outdoors could be a challenge.

Even though each storm swinging through will not bring widespread excessive rainfall, the frequency of the rain will have small streams running high, posing a challenge for fishing interests. Traveling over non-paved roads in the region may be a muddy mess.

The pattern will not bring rain all the time throughout the region.

Following Monday, the next best chance for dry weather in the Northeast will be Thursday, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Joe Lundberg said. "Consider any breaks of dry weather a true bonus in this busy pattern."

A sizable and slow-moving storm system will affect the region from Tuesday to Wednesday of this week -- which may bring some of the wettest, more general rain of the week for the region.

Enough rain may pour down to lead to ponding on area streets and highways. Water levels may surge on some of the small streams in the region.

The same storm system will kick up gusty winds along the mid-Atlantic and southern New England coasts. The wind will tend to push water into coastal areas, including the back bays, where minor to moderate flooding at times of high tide can occur from Tuesday night to Wednesday night.

"It may be tough to find a day where there are not some showers somewhere in the Northeast every day this week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson added, "There is the chance of widely separated shower activity throughout the region on Thursday."

Another large storm system will eye the Northeast at the end of the week. Its arrival may be delayed enough that many areas will be dry for much of Friday. However, rain may overspread the region quickly from Friday night to Saturday.

The pattern is so moist that fog may form overnight and linger into the first few hours of daylight. Typically, fog is a problem more common for the late summer and early autumn months.

"Until we get a decent bulge in the jet stream in the East, this annoying and busy pattern with systems with showers every day or every other day will continue. The same pattern will tend to keep heat at bay. There is no sign of either of those happening any time soon." Lundberg said.

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