This Year’s Funniest Super Bowl Commercials, From Kris Jenner to Ice Spice

Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images, OREO Cookie/YouTube, Drumstick/YouTube, and Uber Eats/YouTube
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images, OREO Cookie/YouTube, Drumstick/YouTube, and Uber Eats/YouTube

The stars of this year’s Super Bowl commercials range from professional footballers (in the American sense and the more worldly sense) and Oscar-winning directors to Weird Barbie and Mario. These ads spotlight cookies, chips, beers, and services to get these said products delivered with the press of a button. They’re brilliant, cringey, and confusing—and the best ones are all right here.

The Beckhams, Ice Spice, and Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega round out the roster. Even Usher, who is set to star in the halftime show, snuck his way into an ad. Ronald Gladden’s newfound fame from Jury Duty continues with an ad for makeup—he doesn’t need any to be his beautiful, natural self!—alongside the stars of Suits. And Bennifer continues their reign as the Dunkin Donuts royalty.

Whether you want to follow along as the ads roll out on Sunday evening, or you’re too busy to watch and need a guide to catch up, here are the biggest Super Bowl commercials of 2024.

Kris Jenner for Oreo

This year’s Oreo ad, the cookie’s first in more than a decade, really has it all, from the dawn of civilization to the end—The Kardashians. Maybe it’s a little harsh to blame Keeping Up With the Kardashians for the downfall of society, but hey, so be it! The commercial shows humans using Oreos to decide which path to take in situations of wars, creating computer devices, forming new boy bands, and, yes, the beginning of the Kardashians’ infamous TV show. Don’t flip a coin—twist an Oreo.

Jenna Ortega for Doritos

Jenna Ortega stars in this year’s Doritos video, although she isn’t the center of attention. Doritos Dinamita is our main character in this story—named after two grannies, Dina and Mita, who are at the store with Jenna when they go missing. Turns out they’re just hunting for the last bag of Doritos Dinamita chips, which has been purchased by an undeserving young man. Cute, but show us more Jenna!

David and Victoria Beckham with the Friends cast for UberEats

David and Victoria Beckham made headlines for their Netflix docuseries Beckham last year, and they’re already back in the spotlight. The couple are promoting UberEats—which, two years ago, famously aired an ad featuring Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle. The Beckhams aren’t alone, sharing the space with Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and this year’s Super Bowl halftime show star Usher. In terms of star-packed ads, UberEats is the one to beat!

Ice Spice for Starry

Grah, Ice Spice has moved from Dunkin’ Donuts to Starry (formerly known as Sierra Mist). Ice Spice has just broken up with her ex, “Lemon Lime Soda”—Sprite? 7Up?—although she’s already canoodling with two new boos, the Starry mascots. Ice Spice is close to becoming queen of the beverage world, after her pumpkin frozen coffee took the world by storm last year.

Chris Pratt for Pringles

When you combine this actor’s first name with his last initial, you get something that sounds a little bit like the word “crisp.” It only makes sense, then, that Pratt is collaborating with Pringles for a big Super Bowl commercial. Okay, so it’s not quite nominative determinism, but maybe we’re close. In the clip, Pratt is complimented for his handlebar mustache—which perfectly matches the Pringles cup. Is he…Mr. P?

Aubrey Plaza for Mountain Dew

Pratt is joined by his Parks and Recreation love interest Aubrey Plaza in this year’s round-up of Super Bowl Commercials. Plaza touts Mountain Dew while she works on various genres of movies—horrors, sci-fis, wrestling pics, the new House of the Dragon, you name it! This year marks a full Parks and Rec reunion, too, because Nick Offerman makes a cameo at the end of Plaza’s commercial. Gang’s all here!

The Casts of Jury Duty and Suits for e.l.f. Cosmetics

The e.l.f. Cosmetics collection took the world by storm with all that ad placement in Mean Girls—the glosses, foundations, and powders were in nearly every shot of the new musical remake. The products are back with this bonkers collaboration with Ronald Gladden from Jury Duty and a handful of Suits stars (minus Meghan Markle). That’s alright, e.l.f. found a new Meghan in “Mother” singer Meghan Trainor. What an…interesting…collection of people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for State Farm

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as “Agent State Farm” in this ad, replacing Jake from State Farm. Agent SF will go to any lengths to be sure his customers are happy with their service from the insurance company. Why watch Terminator or any other huge Schwarzy action flicks when you could settle down for some good old Agent State Farm in between plays?

Tom Brady for BetMGM

Vince Vaughn picks a fight with Tom Brady in this BetMGM ad, which claims Brady has already won “too much” to use the sports betting website. We may not be seeing Brady in any Super Bowls in the coming years, but the Super Bowl season would be nothing without the retired Patriot. He’s with us in spirit this Super Bowl Sunday.

Eric André for Drumstick

Eric André sneaks half a dozen tiny ice cream cones in his carry-on bag in this ad for Drumsticks. Why? He’s accompanied by Dr. Umstick, who needs to use his ice cream bars to cure ailing passengers. Okay, color me intrigued. This one’s a bit of a mystery.

Lionel Messi for Michelob Ultra

We’re going to see plenty of American football stars during the Super Bowl, but what about the rest of the world? “Football” means something entirely different to someone like Lionel Messi, who appears in a commercial for Michelob Ultra. Football, football—it’s all the same. Sports are sports. Right?

Kate McKinnon for Hellman’s Mayo

Weird Barbie herself has a conversation with her cat in this ad. McKinnon can’t figure out what to make for dinner—that is, until her pet has a suggestion: “Meow,” which happens to sound an awful lot like “mayo.” This is the start of Mayo Cat, a feline friend who always recommends putting Hellman’s mayonnaise on everything. Mayo Cat even writes a cookbook full of saucy recipes. A culinary genius.

The Scorseses for Squarespace

Martin Scorsese needs help setting up his website. (As if Marty needs a website—won’t IMDb do?) Good thing he has resident Gen-Z daughter Francesca Scorsese, who has been making viral TikToks of her dad in the past year, to help. The Scorseses hilariously navigate their way through the internet in this endearing advertisement. Anyone who’s dealt with the fatal combo of parents and technology will relate to this delightful little clip. But all’s well that ends well, and the final result is good, per Marty: “This website slaps, doesn’t it?”

Bennifer for Dunkin’ Donuts

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez return for the second year in a row to promote beloved breakfast brand Dunkin’. This year, they’re third-wheeled by Affleck’s bestie Matt Damon, who helps the couple record a new Dunkin’-themed rap. It’s cringy, but is anything related to Bennifer not at least a little cringy? Oh, and Tom Brady makes an appearance, too. Affleck’s new drink, DunKings iced coffee, will hit stores beginning on Monday.

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