G-Dragon's preliminary drug test shows negative results


G-Dragon, Kwon Ji-yong in real life, has issued a statement following a preliminary drug test that returned negative results.

Facing allegations: The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency initiated an investigation on Oct. 25 over drug-related charges faced by the 35-year-old artist and former frontman for K-pop supergroup BigBang.

On Nov. 6, he voluntarily visited the agency's Narcotics Unit to address the allegations and subject himself to a preliminary drug test, which concluded with negative results. The agency also collected urine and hair samples for further analysis by the National Forensic Service.

"The results came back negative," G-Dragon announced after the test. "I’ve also requested an urgent thorough examination. I hope the investigative agency can release the accurate results as soon as possible."

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Challenging the case: G-Dragon raised questions about the apparent lack of concrete evidence against him, saying, "There was none. I don’t believe there would be any."

He also clarified that he does not consider the ongoing investigation to be unreasonable, emphasizing that the police are simply doing their job based on statements made by others.

"I hope for a fair resolution, and I hope that unverified claims will not be insisted upon," G-Dragon added.

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Complying with authorities: In a statement released through his lawyers, the rapper/singer expressed his willingness to cooperate with law enforcement. He also confirmed his readiness to comply with any additional summons or submissions of certain objects of interest, such as his mobile phone.

G-Dragon also appealed to his devoted followers, asking them not to worry and to await the results of the investigation.


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