Gary Barlow: I hate my name

Gary Barlow "hates" his name.
The 51-year-old singer was the first of four people to be given the full moniker back in 1971 and admitted that even though he loathes the name, it is a "bit late" to change it now.
He said: "There were four Gary Barlows born in 1971 and I am relieved to report that I was the first. I hate my name but it’s a bit late to be changing it now."
The Take That star then joked that although some names "come back into fashion", he doubts his ever will and quipped that children need to be "protected" against it.
Writing in his new memoir 'A Different Stage', he added: "Some names come back into fashion but there’s no way on earth
Gary will ever be back. “Let's hope not, anyway. Kids should be protected from it.”
However, the 'Shine' hitmaker - who has won eight BRIT Awards and sold over 45 million records as part of Take That and a further five million as a solo artist - then joked that his name is proof that the music business is a diverse industry.
He added: "It goes to show that music is a very broad church, a wide, wide world with plenty of room for someone called Gary?’
Gary has promised that Take That will be returning in 2023 with a new
album and tour as the 'Back for Good' hitmakers - also currently comprising Mark Owen and Howard Donald but missing fellow founding members Robbie Williams and Jason Orange - have been focusing on solo projects this year.
He said: "So there's a lot of Take That stuff coming up in the future. And just to answer your question properly, yes, we're back together next year. Brand new music coming your way."