Gen Z Is Naming Their 'Blackout Rage Gallons' & Some Are Pretty Clever

borg names
The 25 Funniest Borg Names We've Seen@hanley.resnick on TikTok; @Graceelily4 on TikTok

No one could have predicted the rise of borgs (short for "blackout rage gallons") across college campuses. But we're glad to say goodbye to the murky, dangerous jungle juices of yesteryear. Borgs allow partiers to customize their drinks' flavors and liquor levels. They also prevent the spread of germs from a communal trough of booze and exposure to sneaky, unsavory ingredients.

But if we're being honest, the best part about borgs is decorating your personal gallon jug. On a practical level, it's important to label your borg to distinguish it from the other partier's. And many people think of funny puns for names and even decorate their jugs with drawings and accessories.

So, naturally, we all want to have the funniest borg at the function. You never know when a friend's borg name ranking will go viral on TikTok—which means it's extra important to put your best foot borg-ward. We've scoured the internet to find the funniest names that you can use for your next borg.

  1. Borg-an Freeman

  2. Borg-an Thee Stallion

  3. Ice-Borg Lettuce

  4. Beef Borg-ignon

  5. Ca-Borg-net Sauvignon

  6. I Think, There-Borg I Am

  7. Borg To Die

  8. Armed Borg-lary

  9. Kareem Abdul Ja-Borg

  10. Mark Zucker-Borg

  11. Certified Lover-Borg

  12. Borg Time Rush

  13. Soulja Borg

  14. The Grand Borg-apest Hotel

  15. Borg-aritaville

  16. I Woke Up In A New Borg-atti

  17. Sponge-Borg Squarepants

  18. The Borg Appetit Test Kitchen

  19. Borgs A Liar, Pt. 2

  20. Anthony Borg-dain

  21. Borg...James Borg.

  22. Borg-street boys

  23. JP Borg-an chase

  24. Greta Thun-Borg

  25. The Gettys-Borg Address

Do you have other funny borg names we failed to mention? Drop them in the comments below.

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