Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie Simmons marries

Gene Simmons has expressed his pride after his daughter Sophie Simmons married her longtime partner James Henderson.
The couple tied the knot officially at a courthouse in Los Angeles on Friday (17.02.23) before exchanging vows in front of around 50 family and friends in an intimate ceremony at a house in Malibu, California owned by the bride's mother Shannon Tweed-Simmons on Wednesday (22.02.23).
KISS rocker Gene and Shannon said in a joint statement to PEOPLE: "We couldn't be prouder of our daughter. James is a solid young man, and Sophie can do anything she puts her mind to. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. If they are even half as happy as we are, they will last long."
Sophie wore a blush-coloured dress by Galia Lahav and walked down the aisle for the sunset ceremony to the sound of 'No One's Gonna Love You' by Band Of Horses.
Sophie later revealed the song has a special meaning for the couple after they attended one of the band's concerts when they first started dating almost a decade ago.
She explained: "When my fiance and I first started dating nine years ago, he took me to a Band of Horses concert. I was so tired from filming our reality show 'Shannon and Sophie' back then, I fell asleep on his shoulder. We were way too early in the dating phase for me to do that. Luckily, he thought it was cute, and he woke me up for that one song."
They chose the location for the wedding - her mother's investment property - for the incredible views and because they wanted to keep the nuptials small and intimate.
Guests feasted on foods including pasta, pizza and spicy chicken sandwiches, and the couple played movies by their favourite director David Fincher throughout the reception. They also included nods to his film 'Fight Club' by stocking the bathrooms with pink soaps and there was even a gruesome cake inspired by gory thriller 'Seven'.
It was shaped like a box and inside there was another cake shaped like the groom's head. Sophie also used the reception to surprise her famous father with a song she wrote for him called 'Daddy's Girl' which was played during their father-daughter dance.
The continued the celebrations the day after the wedding with a large reception in Los Angeles, which they planned to follow with a brunch on Friday (24.02.23).