'It's what gets me out of bed': Prince Harry loves to help others

Prince Harry is driven by "being in the service of others".
The Duke of Sussex - who has Prince Archie, three, and Princess Lilibet, 21 months, with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - gets "so much out of" helping other people and his sense of purpose also comes from being a dad.
Speaking at BetterUp's Uplift summit in San Francisco on Wednesday (08.03.23), Harry said: "For me, personally, I get so much out of helping other people. To be in the service of others is what drives me, what gets me out of bed every day. Then you have kids."
And Harry later credited his children for "grounding" him.
He said: "Kids ground you. The longer you've been around, the more filters you have in life."
The event took place on International Women's Day and the 38-year-old prince paid tribute to the "strong, confident" women in his life.
He said: "I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by strong, empowered, confident women all my life. I wish that more women would have higher leadership roles. Less testosterone in the room - which I think would be a good thing."
The event saw Harry - who is BetterUp's Chief Impact Officer - and the company's CEO Alexi Robichaux answer audience questions, and the prince joked he'd accepted the role at the coaching firm because he had no other offers after stepping down from royal duties and moving to California three years ago.
Asked why Harry was hired, Alexi explained he and co-founder Eddie Medina asked themselves one question: "Who are luminaries in the world, who are leaders, who are talking about this?"
He added: "And it was a very, very short list. In fact it was one person."
He then turned to Harry and said: "It was a dream come true to be able to work with you."
The prince was then asked why he had begun working with BetterUp and laughed: "Because that's all I was offered."
But he then admitted it was because of the platform's focus on both doing good and turning a profit.
Harry confirmed the team at his and Meghan's Archewell Foundation use BetterUp, as do members of the Invictus Games community and he learned the power of coaching while he was in the military.
He added: "I promise you we don't shout at you, though. Unless that's what you asked for."