Ghosts (the TV Show) Fact-Checks Ghost (the Movie) in Super Bowl Commercial —Watch Video

Football Sunday will be movie night for CBS’ Ghosts, and they’re watching a very on-brand film.

In the above Super Bowl commercial for the hit comedy, livings Sam and Jay gather with their ghostly “roommates” for the 1990 classic Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. In typical Ghosts fashion, there’s plenty of color commentary from the spirits about the movie’s plot, with the ad’s dialogue written by showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, per our sister site Deadline.

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As Thor laments that it’s so frustrating that Moore’s character doesn’t believe her husband is a ghost, Sam reassures her hubby Jay that they wouldn’t have that problem if he died since she would still be able to see him. But that also means she wouldn’t be able to touch Jay anymore.

Ooh, dibs on dead Jay!” Alberta declares, followed by Hetty and Flower. (Congrats on being a hot commodity, Jay!)

And it’s not just the ladies who are excited for Jay to enter the afterlife. “Man, if Jay were dead, he’d be able to hear all my funny quips when we watch movies together. I can’t wait for Jay to die,” Pete says.

Trevor then asks why they’re not tuning into, you know, Sunday’s big event, aka the football game, but it turns out not everyone is a fan of the complicated sport. So it’s back to Ghost and Swayze’s floating penny move, which doesn’t pass muster with the spirits.

“That’s just insane. Ghosts can’t float pennies,” Sas argues as Trevor fails to recreate the trick.

The spot concludes by directing viewers to, where you can enter a contest.

Press PLAY to watch the full commercial — a 30-second version will air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS — then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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