‘Ghosts’ star Danielle Pinnock pursuing upcoming Reesa Teesa project

Danielle Pinnock is shooting her shot at the opportunity to work with Reesa Teesa.

The “Ghosts” star says she was so captivated by viral TikToker Reesa Teesa’s “Who TF Did I Marry” series, she’s actively been pursuing the possibility of connecting with the social media sensation.

Pinnock says after watching all parts of the series, she found herself enthralled by Reesa’s journey with “pathological liar” ex-husband, Legion.

“I think a lot of us have been scammed. Maybe not to that extent, but people be out here scamming,” Pinnock told the Daily News at the NAACP Image Awards. “And also it deals with heartbreak and loss, and she just has all of the good elements of a fantastic story.”

“I was watching on YouTube at 2.5X speed, okay. And I was taking notes too. I was like, ‘Legion did what?!”

Pinnock also spilled that Reesa, whose real name is Tareasa Johnson, has been cooking up projects with her new team at CAA based on her viral story.

“There’s a lot of things in the works,” Pinnock told the News. “I’ll just say Reesa Teesa is busy, baby. And her team at CAA.”

Remaining tight-lipped about details of projects in the works, the actress says she would be “honored” to be involved in any way.

“I have reached out to her team and have sent my materials, so we’ll see.”

She continued, “I would be honored to be any part of the story. I would be the realtor, I would love to be Willy the security guard. Whatever I can do. I will be a sister, cousin, auntie, uncle, whatever. I’m here.”

In a Mar. 4 IG post, Pinnock declared her desire to play Reesa Teesa herself, letting the world know she threw her hat in the ring.

“There is a person in my life who was like, ‘Girl, that’s so tacky. But I’m like, everything I’ve done I’ve spoken out loud, and I would not be in the place or position I am today if I didn’t do that and if I wasn’t brave enough to do so.”

Johnson’s story went viral on Valentine’s Day when she released the first video of over 50 detailing her brief rollercoaster of a marriage full of lies and cons.

The TikTok videos took social media by storm, with that first video now boasting a whopping 39 million views and counting.

“I just think that Reesa Teesa’s incredible, Pinnock gushed. “I hope that she gets the best blessings this year.”