Giada De Laurentiis’ Daughter Jade Makes Her Mom a Birthday Cake—with Only a Few Kitchen Mishaps

The Giadzy founder turned 53 on Aug. 22

Giada De Laurentiis’ daughter, Jade, made sure that her mom had an extra sweet birthday.

In honor of the Food Network alum’s 53rd birthday, Jade baked De Laurentiis a homemade chocolate cake. The wholesome and hilarious process was documented in an Instagram video shared on Monday.

“Hey guys, we’re back with another Jade cooking video and today it’s for a special occasion, my mom’s birthday,” the 15-year-old said at the start of the video. Jade continued to explain that her mother asks for a chocolate cake “every year,” so this year she is making the Italian-born chef a chocolate and strawberry cake from the book, The Chocolate Spoon.

“I’d say my skill set is up to boxed mac and cheese so we’ll see how this goes,” Jade said, referencing the time she made Annie's Mac and Cheese for a Mother’s Day gift in 2022.

While separating egg whites, chopping butter and mixing together all the ingredients, Jade mimicked her mother’s charisma and chatted with the camera.

“What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten your mom?” the videographer asks.

“I wrote her a song last year and then I framed the lyrics so I thought that was kind of cute,” Jade replied. The creative gift makes sense from the teen who goes to a high school with a "less academic and more artsy" curriculum, Giada told PEOPLE last year, and has performed in school musicals.

Jade De Laurentiis Prepares a Chocolate Cake for Giada
Jade De Laurentiis Prepares a Chocolate Cake for Giada

A mini disaster struck midway through the recipe when Jade realized that she should have reserved the separated egg yolks that she threw out in the first step of the recipe. Jade dropped to the floor with a groan when she realized her mistake but quickly gathered herself, slammed her hand on the ground and said, “Ok, we get back up.”

“Please don’t come for me in the comments. I promise I don’t waste food,” she laughed.

Every once in a while, De Laurentiis pops up in the video, making a funny face from her office or walking into the kitchen. Jade — who is De Laurentiis's only daughter with ex Todd Thompson — only needed her mom's help with one step.

Giada DeLaurentiis Instagram Giada De Laurentiis and her daughter Jade
Giada DeLaurentiis Instagram Giada De Laurentiis and her daughter Jade

Jade dug in a drawer and grabbed one tool, asking if it was a sifter. “It says my mom’s name but not what it is,” she said. “I’m going to have to bring that up with her." De Laurentiis confirmed that it is a sifter and told Jade that she had to use it over a bowl, causing the teen to giggle.

“Can we talk about how she needed to clarify?” the videographer joked. “I know, it was like, no duh,” Jade replied, jokingly demonstrating sifting flour onto the floor. “Like, hello?”

<p>Giada De Laurentiis Instagram</p> Giada De Laurentiis' boyfriend Shane Farely and her daughter Jade

Giada De Laurentiis Instagram

Giada De Laurentiis' boyfriend Shane Farely and her daughter Jade

De Laurentiis' longtime boyfriend Shane Farley checked in on Jade’s process, calling the dessert “impressive.”

“I am the daughter of a chef,” she proudly said while hulling strawberries. Her confidence briefly dwindled when she tried to remove the cake from the pan and part of it cracked off. But her conviction quickly returned when she announced that she will “persevere” and cover the crack with strawberries.

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She hollowed out the inside of the chocolate cake, added pureed strawberries and sugar to the spooned-out pieces and scooped them back into the cake. After decorating the top of the cake with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and honey drizzles, she presented it to the birthday girl.

“Jade this is so beautiful,” De Laurentiis said.

The compliments continued when the celebrity chef tried a bite of the confection.

“It’s amazing!” she said, sticking her fork into the cake and calling it a “10 out of 10.”

“Jade, you are officially my baker,” De Laurentiis proclaimed. Jade excitedly responded: “Yay!”

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