Gigi Hadid hopes Next in Fashion inspires viewers

Gigi Hadid hopes viewers can take inspiration from season two of 'Next in Fashion'.
The 27-year-old model has teamed up with Tan France for season two of the Netflix series, and Gigi has given fans an insight into what they can expect from the reality series, which features up-and-coming designers.
She told PEOPLE: "I think [the show] is going to inspire so many people that watch to just be true to who you are because there's not one person that's the same on this show.
"I think that however they are different is why they're celebrated. That is what's fun about getting dressed and being a creative person."
Gigi has also relished the experience of working with Tan, 39.
She said: "I learned so much from watching him be so good at what he does."
The blonde beauty revealed that Tan was constantly supporting her.
She shared: "If I was nervous about something, Tan would be like, 'I'm proud of you.' That helped me get through anything."
Meanwhile, Gigi recently admitted that the COVID-19 lockdown changed her career.
The model explained that lockdown and the birth of her daughter forced Gigi to reevaluate her lifestyle.
Gigi - who has Khai, two, with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik - explained: "I got pregnant and I really started to think about what I wanted after, when the world opened back up.
"It kept coming back to just a more stabilised schedule where I’m not in a different country every week."
Gigi ultimately opted to launch Guest In Residence, a line of cashmere designs.
She said: "This is very stabilising. I have an office that I come to. I know everyone here.
"I don’t have to look a certain way to show up. It’s a different experience for me, and it was the right time because I was ready for that."