Gigi Hadid loves Zayn Malik's mum's roast dinners

Gigi Hadid is making a cook book of Zayn Malik's mother's recipes so she doesn't have to "annoy" her every week.

The 22-year-old supermodel loves eating British food and cannot get enough of her boyfriend's mother Trisha Malik's cooking, so much so she tries to write down all the ingredients so she can re-create the foods for the former One Direction singer.

She said: "Zayn has helped me a lot with my British food love and Indian food love and his mom is an amazing cook.

"So, they have made me huge fans of British food.

"Sunday roasts I love. Curry. I'm trying to learn everything as I go and make a little cook book, instead of annoying his mom every week like texting her."

While Gigi enjoys eating Trisha's food, she doesn't think she'll ever be able to match her when it comes to cooking sumptuous meals.

She added: "I'll never be able to compete, but I try."

As well as falling in love with a traditional Sunday roast dinner since hooking up with Zayn, Gigi admits she is a big fan of his northern accent and the couple have recently watched British teen TV drama series 'Skins' to help her practice doing impressions of her beau.

Speaking in a joint interview with Tommy Hilfiger on 'The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw', she added: "I do practice. Sometimes Zee thinks I'm making fun of him.

"I'm like, 'Babe, I'm not making fun of you.' I just love the accent so it's fun.

"'Skins' is fun to like practice your accent on.

"We recently re-watched it all, it's so good."