Gillian Anderson regrets going back to work 10 days after giving birth

Gillian Anderson regrets going back to work on 'The X Files' just 10 days after giving birth via caesarean section.
The 55-year-old actress has admitted she should have "taken better care" of herself instead of trying to please her bosses by heading back to set after welcoming her daughter Piper in 1994 - confessing she decided to get back to work because she "felt guilty" about getting pregnant during the show's first season.
During an appearance on on the 'Today' show, she explained: "If I didn’t feel so guilty that I got pregnant in the first season, I might have taken better care of myself and been more thoughtful about what I needed for my best interest at the time.
"But I think I was so wrapped up in: ‘I almost got fired, I’ll mess this up, I’ll do whatever they say.' So yeah, 10 days after a C-section [I was back at work]. But we’re still talking about it, right? It’s interesting. Whatever it was, 30 years ago."
Gillian welcomed Piper with her ex Clyde Klotz and she is also a mother to two sons, Oscar, 15, and Felix, 17, with Mark Griffiths.
Gillian will next be seen in upcoming Netflix drama 'Scoop' which tells the story of Prince Andrew's car crash interview on BBC show 'Newsnight' with the actress playing journalist Emily Maitlis who was tasked with quizzing the royal over thorny issues including his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.
She has insisted she's "proud" of the drama and declared it highlights the important role of journalism.
Gillian told The Independent newspaper: "If this tells us anything, it would be that the royal family should never do an interview at all.
"But actually. I think what is amazing and what stands out is the importance of independent journalism, to hold authority to account and to at least attempt to get some semblance of the truth."