Glen Powell credits his mom for his own 'humility''

Glen Powell's mom has helped him to remain "humble".
The 35-year-old actor has enjoyed a meteoric rise over recent years, but Glen's mom, Cyndy, has helped him to remain grounded.
Speaking about the influence of his parents, Glen told E! News: "They do keep me humble, it's very funny to be on this journey with them.
"Obviously sometimes you don't realise the changes that are happening, but often your mother is the first person to realise that the temperature has changed a little."
Glen also revealed that he actually leans on his mom for fashion advice.
The actor - who recently starred in 'Anyone but You' alongside Sydney Sweeney - shared: "You know you go for style moments every once in awhile, like popping my collar she keeps trying to take down my collar. She's like, 'Glen, you know, could look a little douchey'. And I'm like, 'Well, Hollywood is sort of douchey sometimes. That's what we're doing here.'"
Meanwhile, Glen previously claimed that he's been forced to "fight" for his recent success.
The movie star suggested that he's earned his success, after working tirelessly for years without achieving much success.
He told Bustle magazine: "Hollywood, for some people, it serves it up.
"It's not my path. I had to kind of fight a little longer and harder for it."
Glen - who split from model Gigi Paris in 2023 - also revealed that he feels slightly envious of his own parents, describing them as "goofy and really fun".
He explained: "It's really fun to see your parents be romantic. I know that sounds weird, but they’re goofy and really fun.
"If I could have what my parents have, I’d be really, really happy."