GMB hosts Ranvir Singh and Ed Balls explain Susanna Reid’s ‘frustrating’ absence from Monday’s episode

Susanna Reid has been forced to pull out of hosting Good Morning Britain.

The host made the announcement on Sunday (10 September), the evening before she was due to appear on screens for GMB at 6am the following morning.

However, Reid is still unwell after being unable to host the show last Wednesday (6 September). She usually presents the series on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The presenter apologised to fans on X/Twitter, writing: “Sorry not to be back @gmb with you all in the morning. Vocal cords still affected. Recovering with specialist treatment and brilliant tips from viewers.”

However, she promised fans she would “see you very soon”.

“Thank you to everyone at GMB for stepping in and to all of you for your brilliant tips.”

Ranvir Singh stepped in to replace Reid alongside Ed Balls on Monday’s episode (11 September).

“Lovely to be here with you,” Balls told Singh, who addressed Reid’s absence.

“It is lovely, although you might have been expecting Susanna,” she said, continuing: “It is a Monday morning and I know she’s watching this morning, but she’s on sort of radio silence, isn’t she.”

Singh added that viewers “were watching last Wednesday”, they would have noticed the host “was barely able to speak”.

Balls confirmed: “It was 4.30[am], she was here for the show and her voice didn’t wake up.” Singh continued: “And it’s Monday morning now, and even late last night, she was sending emails about the show, fully wanting to be here. In the end, I’m afraid she’s had to send you this message.”

Susanna Reid shares message for fans on ‘GMB’ (Instagram)
Susanna Reid shares message for fans on ‘GMB’ (Instagram)

A VT then showed a message from Reid at home, filmed on Sunday evening, in which she said: “A quick update on my voice which you can hear is not 100 percent, I feel absolutely fine but the specialist I saw on Friday said not to risk it until it is better.”

Balls said “it’s so frustrating for her” as she’s “not ill in herself”.

He also added that Reid was emailing particular usbjects she felt should be addressed on Monday’s edition of the show.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV1 at 6.30am.