Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard accidentially swears live on air leaving co-stars in hysterics

Ben Shephard's penultimate appearance on Good Morning Britain took an awkward turn after he accidentally swore live on-air.

The TV star, 49, was announced as the new regular host of This Morning alongside Cat Deeley, and will take up the role next month.

But before he leaves GMB for good on Friday, Shephard managed to turn the air blue during Thursday’s show when he was talking to ITV colleague Lorraine Kelly, 64, about what was coming up on her show.

Kelly revealed she had a series of garments worn by male leads in period dramas, including Colin Firth's iconic Mr Darcy shirt in Pride and Prejudice.

Referencing the shirt, the Scottish star quipped: “Ben, that was made for you!”

To which Shephard replied: “I thought it was Wee Willie W***y's...” before quickly correcting himself: "Wee Willie Winkie's nightgown!”

Lorraine Kelly was left in hysterics by the blunder (ITV)
Lorraine Kelly was left in hysterics by the blunder (ITV)

Both Kelly and Shephard’s co-host Kate Garraway couldn’t help but poke fun at his hilarious gaffe, with Lorraine laughing: "Wee Willie W***y? How very dare you!"

While Garraway, 56, joked: “This Morning is feeling really good right now and we love it, don't we Lorraine!”

It wasn’t only the ITV star who found the blunder funny but viewers too, who took to Twitter, now X, to say Shephard made their morning.

One viewer wrote: “Wee Willie W***Y! That’s a new one #benshepherd #GMB”.

“Ben saying Wee Willie W***y just made my morning #GMB” another penned.

A third commented: “Wee Willy W***y? Oh dear Ben #gmb.”

Earlier in the episode, Shephard took a playful dig at Garraway as he confirmed that Friday will be his last day on the sofa before he joins This Morning.

First he joked he was “upgrading from Kate to Cat” as his new co-star is much tidier, before continuing: “Thank you very much for the amazing messages that I have had.

“Obviously, it’s something I considered very, very carefully because these guys have been my family – for the last 10 years for some of them and way, way longer for us (Garraway).

“So, it’s not something that I’ve taken lightly but it feels like quite an exciting opportunity.”

He also pointed out that both he and Garraway were sporting matching blue outfits in “This Morning teal”.

Garraway replied: “I think subliminally I’m trying to claw on to you, to hold you back. You finally got rid of the lead weights around your ankles.”

Shephard told her: “It’s literally the other side of the wall so I’m really, really not going far. Thank you for the amazing messages and tomorrow is going to be my last day on Good Morning Britain.”

He and Deely will take over in the wake of the exits of long-time sofa hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, who both left last year.

Shephard and Deeley will host This Morning from Monday to Thursday, with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary continuing to present on Fridays.

Both have previously presented the ITV daytime show on separate occasions, with Deeley co-presenting the show alongside Rylan Clark in November last year.