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Amazon's No. 1 bestselling treadmill folds up to save space, and it's on sale

Don't wait for the rain to stop, the fog to lift, the sun to shine or the workday to end to get your steps in. Just hop on your treadmill and go! The No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, the foldable Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit Folding Treadmill, is as convenient as they come, according to some 4,500 five-star fans, many of whom use it at their desk. And right now you can snap it up for $330, down from $346.

Talk a walk while you work, run while you watch TV or slide it right under your bed til next time. The slim, compact Goplus is perfect for at-home exercise.
$330 at Amazon

Big exercise in small spaces

The sturdy yet compact design of the Goplus 2 in 1 treadmill means you can pull it out and get exercise pretty much anywhere, anytime — while listening to music (via the bluetooth speaker), watching the telly or logging hours at work.

"Works nicely under my office desk," shared a five-star fan. "I've had this treadmill for five months! ... I've put roughly 1 MILLION steps in on it!"

Another marveled that it's "really slim and compact" and "sturdier than it looks."

"The ultimate way to fight desk-job weight gain!" added another. (If you don't have a standing desk, they recommended a Vivo treadmill desk attachment.)

"Awesome exercise source for students!" raved a medical school student. "With this treadmill I've been able to walk while studying. ... I've also used this for a running challenge and ran a 5k on it every day this month without any issues. It goes up to 7.5 speed when the arms are up which is way more than I was expecting. Overall for a home treadmill this performs above and beyond."

Woman running on Goplus treadmill with handles up; woman walking with them folded down
Get moving! Amazon's No. 1 bestselling treadmill folds up and holds up — and it's marked down now. (Photos: Amazon)

Folds down

Fan love that this machine is easy to stash under a bed or prop on its side in a closet. And its a breeze to whip it back out for a run.

Said one grateful reviewer, "I live with others so space is very limited and I could not get a treadmill that stays permanently set up in the house. This treadmill is easy to fold and unfold and I am able to store it leaning up against my wall hidden in the corner of my room. Eventually, I am going to put it inside my closet, it fits inside! It is a little heavy, but I am able to move it where I need to without much issue and I am not a heavy lifter haha. It is easy to use, did not require much assembly at all! It works well ...and the speed can go up to really fast! It is not too loud, I can use it while my roommates are sleeping without problem."

Just enough bells and whistles

At this great price, you might think it's totally bare bones. Nope. Several features up the functionality and make it easy to track progress.

This happy shopper breaks this "great purchase" down: "It comes with attachable handlebars, a safety clip, phone stand, and lubricant for the track (which I have not yet needed). It is easy to assemble and folds up small enough to fit under a desk, bed, or even to prop up on a wall! The remote makes it easy to adjust the speed up to a quick 7.5mph. I have found the handlebars to be very useful while running. The screen on the bottom rotates between the speed, distance, time, and calories."

A quiet strength

But the Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit Folding Treadmill doesn't skimp on power! The 2.25HP motor is, thankfully, quiet yet strong and can take you on long walks or on runs up to 7.5 mph. While it is compact, it can accommodate weights of up to 265 lbs and several six-foot fans sing its praises.

This pleased reviewer "was afraid it may be too small, but the whole family can walk on it! The tallest person is about 6' tall and he uses it every day! Love that it is quiet."

Another added: "Both my boyfriend (who is tall 6'2 /180lbs) and I (5'4 /125lbs) can both run on it."

Good thing this Goplus treadmill is durable, because fans can't get enough.

"I love this stupid thing," beamed another convert, who is pregnant. "I work from home full time and have been in such a movement rut. I decided to try an under-desk treadmill to get some steps in and I (and my husband) thought I would use it twice and stop, well so far that's not been the case. I use it every single day, I walk 3-4 intentional miles all while typing away (using it now!). ... Great for not only my physical health but also my mental health. I reallllllly love this stupid thing.

Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants — and what the heart needs is exercise.

Talk a walk while you work, run while you watch TV or slide it right under your bed til next time. The slim, compact Goplus is perfect for at-home exercise.
$330 at Amazon

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