'A goth would be a worse child than a Manchester United fan!' Noel Gallagher shares positive parenting plan

Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher would rather his sons supported local rivals Manchester United than were goths.
The 56-year-old rocker is a life-long City fan and in recent years has become friends with manager Pep Guardiola and several players from their all-conquering Premier League team. His former band Oasis played at City's old ground Maine Road in 1996.
Despite his love for The Sky Blues, Noel would rather see his sons Donovan, 15, and 12-year-old Sonny - his kids with soon-to-be ex-wife Sara MacDonald - don United shirts rather than start listening to heavy metal and dressing in black eyeliner and moody makeup.
Appearing on the Matt Morgan Podcast, he said: "I’m not a goth… if one of my kids was a goth, I’d f****** kick it so hard in the b******* that it wouldn’t be a goth anymore. It’s called positive parenting.
“A goth would be a worse child than a Manchester United fan.
“If one of my lads was a United fan, I wouldn’t mind that, because I could just ridicule him for the rest of his life.
“Whereas with the goth, you’d just be like, ‘You f****** weird looking ****,’ D’you know what I mean?”
As well as his sons, Noel also has 23-year-old daughter Anais from his first marriage to Meg Mathews, 57.
Despite his claim, the former Oasis guitarist previously revealed he did admonish soccer-loving Sonny for trying to put up a poster of former Manchester United player Ronaldo in his bedroom.
Appearing on the Pub Talk podcast, the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' songwriter said: "The young lad, Sonny, plays for his local team and went for trials for the county. He's enthusiastic, has a good shot and great positional play. I'd rather him be a footballer, they get paid more than musicians.
"But it was a funny day when he started really identifying with players. He didn't realise Ronaldo had played with United and he came home with a Ronaldo poster. I was like, 'Mate, what are you doing?' He was like, 'I love Ronaldo, he's my favourite player.' But I told him, 'You can't have it in this house, mate' and I had to show him a picture of him in a United kit because he had only ever known him as playing for Real Madrid and Juventus."