Groomsman leaves bride in tears after 'dumb' wedding day prank

Sarah Carty
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A groomsman’s wedding day prank has been called ‘dumb’ and a ‘big no-no’ after he left the bride in tears and the groom furious.

The man took to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A****le’ page to ask if he messed up by ruining his brother’s wedding day cake with a silly joke.

The two brothers had spent their whole lives playing pranks on each other but one incident in particular was one joke they never forgot.

A groomsman has left a bride in tears after he played a 'dumb' prank on her wedding day. Photo: Getty Images

Relaying the story, the groomsman wrote that their grandpa had packed him cookies for his 9th birthday and put them in an airtight container.

“I don't know how, or when, but my brother got ahold of this box and proceeded to, well, fart in it. Then sealed it back up. On my birthday he handed me the cookie box and said "Grandpa put some extra stank into this batch’,” the groomsman wrote.

So when he opened the box on his birthday, he ‘got blasted in the face by the stench of stale a**’ and his brother hasn’t let him forget it since.

Fast-forward to his brother’s wedding day and while the bride was about to take a bike of the wedding cake, the groomsman leaned over to his brother and said: "I put some extra stank into the cake”.

The groom made an ill-timed joke during the cake cutting. Photo: Getty Images

“I thought he'd laugh. He did not. With the reflexes of a mother leaping across to rescue her newborn from something dangerous, he slapped the cake out of her hands. There were some gasps, some laughs, no one really knew what was going on. Me included. He whispered in her ear, she looked me in the eyes for a good five to ten seconds. Then just started to cry,” the man wrote.

“She runs off, everyone is confused, then my brother confronts me. He thought I did a s*** in the cake as revenge for the cookies. I told him I didn't and it was just a dumb joke, but he was too mad to listen.

“She told her bridesmaids I did a s*** in the cake. Sure enough, soon everyone thinks I s*** in the cake. I was too embarrassed to protest so I just went home.”

The man said he hasn’t spoken to the bridal party or any of the other guests at the wedding for a whole week because he’s so embarrassed.

People were quick to console the man, with many saying that the bride and groom completely overreacted.

“These people are being really harsh. If he just farted in your biscuits why did he make the leap to think you did a whole shit in the cake? He overreacted,” one person said.

“He needs to learn to take a joke! I hate people that love to prank others but then when it happens to them all of a sudden it’s not ok. You never actually touched the cake which is far less than what he did to your cookies. You just messed with him,” another person said.

The groomsman hasn't spoken to the whole bridal party since then. Photo: Getty Images

Others said it was ‘really weird’ for the groom to leap towards his bride and another person said the story is ‘absolutely hilarious’.

On the other side though, one person said that wedding pranks are a ‘big no-no’.

“Your brother overreacted but it’s really hard for me to blame him for it. From his perspective he needed to stop his new wife from eating that cake by any means necessary,” a commenter wrote.

“I mean... your wedding day is one of the most emotional days you can have. Dude was likely emotionally shot and you picked one of the worst times possible to say that. And now anytime ANYONE talks about their wedding that’s what people will think about. So yeah. You f****d up.”

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