grown-ish Series Finale Gives Everyone a Happy Ending, Whether They Deserve It or Not

Watch out world, they’re grown now! After six seasons, 105 episodes and more fourth-wall breaks than we could possibly count, Freeform’s grown-ish reached a satisfying (and somewhat rushed) conclusion that sent Zoey and Junior’s crews sailing off into the sunset.

After breezing past Junior’s actual graduation ceremony, Wednesday’s finale invited viewers to his afterparty, where both generations of grown-ish cast members made major decisions about their futures — revealing at least one painful secret in the process.

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Real quick, here’s a breakdown of where every couple ended up:

ZOEY & AARON | Sorry, Kelly Rowland, but your man is officially off the market. Following last week’s unsuccessful proposal, Aaron awkwardly reunited with Zoey at Junior’s boat party, forcing them to confront their issues and finally make a decision about their future. Aaron was understandably furious for how she reacted earlier, but Zoey managed to half-ass an apology, explaining that she’s still trying to get her act together, including a concentrated effort to become less selfish and more balanced. (Hearing her friends loudly pointing out the hypocrisy amid her rambling was incredibly satisfying. Zoey has always been a frustrating character to root for, so it was nice to see that even her friends agree.) After asking if Aaron’s offer still stood, Zoey got down on one knee and proposed back. Not wanting to waste another minute, the two got married right there on the boat.

ZOEY & LUCA | Didn’t expect to see this couple get a mention? Neither did we! But Zoey’s chill ex-boyfriend nonetheless shot one last shot over FaceTime in the finale, telling her, “I can’t let you play yourself like that. Don’t marry that pedestrian please. I love you. I’ve always loved you.” Honestly, it was so out of left field, we thought he was joking. Zoey, however, took him at his word — and appropriately shut him down, promising that they can remain “long-distance pals.” Not only did he not seem totally crushed by Zoey’s rejection, but considering he attended Zoey and Aaron’s impromptu wedding via FaceTime, we’re thinking Luca will be just fine.

JUNIOR & KIELA | These two have come a long way from boning in the bathroom at that party, and it sounds like they’re both looking to take their relationship more seriously. Kiela will only be away in Portugal for the summer, and Junior is “willing to do what it takes” to see where things go. Assuming they both keep up their end of the bargain (aka keeping those naughty DMs going both ways), we have a feeling they’ll be just fine.

ANA & VIVEK | Now for a real bummer: While Ana and Vivek are still together and happy, they revealed in the finale that they suffered a miscarriage several months ago. It was news to Zoey, who clearly hadn’t been keeping in touch with the couple as much as she did when they attended Cal U together.

DOUG & JAZZ | On a lighter note, Doug shot Jazz a quick “I miss you” text towards the end of the episode, to which she replied with a heart emoji. If neither Halle nor Chloe Bailey were available to guest-star, at least we got a quick mention of what they’re up to (helping their dad open his new restaurant).

And in true grown-ish fashion, the finale included a Very Important Lesson™. The news of Ana’s miscarriage sent Zoey into a bit of a spiral, as she came to the realization that real friendships take effort after graduation. “College is like summer camp with Pell Grants and UTIs,” Nomi wisely opines. So if you have a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with, consider this your not-so-subtle reminder to check back in. You never know what you might be missing!

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