Gwyneth Paltrow: A satisfying sex life is important

Gwyneth Paltrow says having a "satisfying sex life" is important.

The Goop co-founder - who tied the knot with TV writer Brad Falchuk in The Hamptons last month - has opened up about shining a lot on female sexuality and how empowering and "healthy" it is to partake in and openly discuss love-making.

She told the digital edition of GLAMOUR: "Women, I think have a lot of shame around their sexuality - we have been conditioned that way for a long time. We feel if we open up conversations, sell a product and we shine a light on it, the shame starts to dissipate..."

When asked about selling products like vaginal eggs through her lifestyle platform and how "you can't put a price on a good orgasm", the 'Shallow Hal' actress replied: "No, definitely not. Women should have a great and satisfying sex life!

"I think that sexual health is important for a women's overall health."

Gwyneth - who has Apple, 14, and Moses, 12, with first husband Chris Martin - said she is feeling "fantastic" after marrying Brad, 47, and while she admits she it feels different getting married in her 40s, she finds it very "heartening" and is feeling extremely positive.

She told the publication: "It's fantastic. I feel so lucky and I am so grateful.

"It's different to be in your mid-40s; you do it again and bring all your experience, your pain, your happiness, suffering - everything. It's actually very heartening, I feel very optimistic!"

Goop is worth around $250 million dollars, and Gwyneth refers to herself as a "girl boss" for leading a brand and says she is proud of being able to employ fellow females.

She said: "I am trying. I think I am very much a girl boss, meaning that I try to lead from my feminine.

"For me, what that means is leading from a place of collaboration and consideration to very much keep that flow of energy going through everything.

"All start-ups are inherently feminine because it's creative, it's collaborative, it's feelings - and as you grow, they get more masculine and more orientated to masculine processes and PNLs and patriarchy.

"That is also necessary, but I think it's important to find the right balance. I love being a woman leader and I love employing mostly women - it's amazing to see women win."