Hackers steal $35k from anti-Trump Super PAC Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project, a PAC known for its fiery ads opposing the former president, lost tens of thousands to online hackers.

The group reported to the FEC two transactions worth $35,000, marking them as “fraudulent”, records show.

Both payments were made in February, the filings show. One transaction was for $20,000, while the other was for $15,000.

Lincoln Project spokesperson Greg Minchak explained the filings to Raw Story: “A vendor’s email was hacked, with the hackers producing authentic-looking invoices that were sent from our vendor’s legitimate email account. The hack affected multiple clients of the vendor, including Lincoln Project.”

Mr Minchak didn’t name the vendor.

George Conway speaking at Georgetown Law School in March 2019 (REUTERS)
George Conway speaking at Georgetown Law School in March 2019 (REUTERS)

He added that “transactions did not impact our operations in any way in the fight for a democratic future for our nation”.

After realising the hack had occurred, Mr Minchak said the group’s “compliance firm took immediate steps to mitigate the problem”.

“This included notifying our bank’s fraud department and implementing new procedures to confirm invoices and payments. Since it was the vendor that was hacked, we are letting them and our bank’s fraud department lead any investigation,” the spokesperson said.

This isn’t the only hiccup the PAC has faced in recent years.

George Conway, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, called for the group to shut down after more than a dozen men accused fellow co-founder John Weaver of harassment – including a teenager.