Hailee Steinfeld: I have a healthy relationship with social media

Hailee Steinfeld has a "healthy relationship" with social media.
The 26-year-old star - who has a huge following on various social media platforms, including more than 20 million Instagram followers - has revealed that she's learned to have "fun" with the content that she shares with her fans.
Speaking about her relationship with social media, she told PEOPLE: "I love going away and disappearing into my work and staying focused and immersing myself in whatever world that I'm in at that moment and then coming out of my little cave and sharing with people what it is I've been working on.
"It’s a balance. But I've always had a healthy relationship with social media. I just have fun with it."
Hailee has learned to accept that her social media content won't be universally popular.
The 'True Grit' star said: "Not everybody is going to like everything. That is life."
Hailee began using social media at a time when teens were using Photo Booth - a photo and video app that was released in 2005 - rather than making videos on TikTok.
The actress now admits that her early efforts on social media platforms were "cringe".
The Hollywood star said: "I joined social media when it was on the rise, but I had a good chunk of my life where I wasn't on any social media.
"I look at the kids in my family now working an iPad like it's nobody's business. It's a good thing that wasn't me because I did go through a phase when I was younger taking photos on Photo Booth and making dance videos at home. I send those videos to my friends all the time, where we’re in eighth grade and it’s the most cringe, embarrassing thing.
"Meanwhile, eighth graders now are, like, professional dancers and killing it."