Hailee Steinfeld's golden hair transformation *screams* summer

hailee steinfeld blonde
Hailee Steinfeld cranks up the blonde for summerJeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Hailee Steinfeld is busy promoting Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse, and you know what that means? Lewks. And not just press tour and premiere looks, we have just been treated with a cover shoot and it looks like the actress is embracing the golden hues of summer and undergone a blonde hair transformation.

Blonde? For Summer? Groundbreaking.

But look, there's a reason why so many of us lean into those lighter hues for summer, the sun gives natural highlights. Even without a trip to the hairdresser lots of us will get natural highlights through the summer months. Some see bleach, we see embracing nature 🌱.

Styled by Chad Wood and coloured by Cassondra Kaeding, Hailee's kept a deeper cool brown root, with the hair falling over her shoulder. It's a delicious milky take on barista blonde and ashier than the warm hues one might expect.

A master of adding a little sunshine while staying true to her natural dark colouring, this is no exception. Looking at more pictures from the shoot, we see the soft micro-highlights have been blended up through the hair for a subtler take from the beachy balayage and painted highlights we've seen on her before.

And the beauty of it is, it looks so blonde in the light and sunshine, while in the evening or out of direct light, it leans more into the brunette. It's basically two heads of hair in one, a dream for those who just can't decide between blonde and brunette. And a lot healthier than constant flip flopping between the two!

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