Hailey Bieber And Camille Charrière Share Their LA Vs French Girl Skincare Routines

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'My French is tragique!,' Hailey Bieber declares. It's an unseasonably sunny day in London and the skincare founder and style icon is on UK soil to promote the launch of her brand Rhode and, more importantly, to shoot the latest episode of ELLE UK's '5 In 5' alongside friend and fellow mega-influencer, Camille Charrière. Who, if you're not one of her 1.4 million followers on Instagram and well aware already, is French.

Luckily, today's shoot isn't a masterclass in being bi-lingual, but a chance for the two friends to share their go-to beauty routines. Bieber's own skincare products make an appearance in both her own and Charrière's lineup, but with intriguingly different uses. 'I like to lay the Peptide Glazing Fluid over my make-up like a highlight for that skin finish and dewiness. Oh, and I always mix it with my foundation when I'm doing my make-up. That's a little tip.'

In fact, Bieber's skincare line is pleasingly versatile. 'I like to use this Chanel blusher when you've been on the plane and you just want a little zhuzh of something for when you're getting off the plane and you feel like a disaster! I'll mix it with my Barrier Restore Cream and then just tap it on to give more of a second skin finish.' For Charrière, blusher is a new addition to her effortless French girl make-up routine. 'I don't wear that much make-up during the day so I try to think about things that I can apply on my face to keep that freshness. Then people are surprised when they see me in the evening because I look a lot better!'

For two women who have over 50 million Instagram followers between them, Bieber and Charrière's approaches to beauty are refreshingly relatable. They're still learning what works for their skin, just like us: 'I'm doing IVF at the moment and I'm having a lot of hormones pumped into my body and it's really affected my skin quite badly,' shares Charrière. 'It's made me feel like a teenager again which is just not a nice feeling when you're 35. I've been using this Weleda Skin Food and it really has helped calm my skin down.'

They're excited about adulting, just like us: 'Cuticle oils are underrated. If I've done my cuticles, I feel like a grown up,' says Bieber. And they're completely fascinated with lip liner, just like us: ' 'You've created a whole generation of lip obsessives. This is all your fault!,' says Charrière. 'That makes me happy because I'm a lip obsessive, I'm obsessed with lip products,' Hailey responds.

Watch Hailey and Camille's full 5 In 5 in the video at the top of this article.

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