Hailey Bieber Officially Has Long Brunette Hair Again

hailey bieber brunette
Hailey Bieber Has Dark Brunette Hair Nowinstagram - Getty Images

At the start of January we predicted that 2024 would be the year of the anti-bob – and while Kylie Jenner might be busy entering her micro-bob era – it appears some of the alumni are in the process of growing their hair out.

Case in point? Everybody’s favourite: Hailey Bieber. For most of last year she served as the reigning queen of bob inspiration, but at last night’s Super Bowl she showcased a new longer, dark brunette style and we’re very into it.


The founder of Rhode, who recently spoke exclusively to ELLE UK about her brand, has slowly been dyeing her hair darker over the last few weeks and months – but this is the darkest we’ve ever seen on her, even darker than the shade she had last week. Her rich, chocolatey brown shade has depth, and we love how different it is to the shorter, sun-kissed styles we’re used to seeing her with.

justin bieber usher super bowl performance
PATRICK T. FALLON - Getty Images

It goes without saying that Bieber’s new look is about to inspire a whole generation to go against the grain and book in with their colourists, asking them to re-create a similar dark hue, despite the fact its the time of year when we traditionally start thinking about going lighter in time for the summer months.

So, if you're feeling inspired to follow in her footsteps, Tom Smith, international colour director at EVO, says that it’s relatively easy to achieve if your starting colour is lighter than the finished result will be.

‘However, if your hair is naturally or dyed darker, you will require a professional colour correction to achieve the specific, desired tone. [Dark] hair will almost always fade over time, so colour protecting products are always a necessary tool between salon visits,’ he says.

We’ll see you at the backwash.

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