Hairdresser's horrific on-the-job injuries

Sarah Carty

A hairdresser has shared the horrifying impact standing on her feet and being hunched over people’s heads has on her health.

Hitesh Patel, who is a massage therapist based in Leicester, posted the shocking images to his Facebook page to show the struggles hairdressers go through behind closed doors.

And while it may look like the woman in the picture has just gone through a few rounds in a ring, she sustained all her injuries from her job.

Hairdresser injuries

This is the impact a hairdresser's job has on her back. Photo: Facebook

Shocking photos of hairdresser's injuries

The shocking scratches are actually a muscle injury called petechia. Photo: Facebook

“The marks you see are not bruises – they’re marks which indicate stagnation which has occurred in the muscles and it’s called petechia,” Hitesh told Metro.

“It’s an indicator showing exactly what damage has been done.”

It all stems from hairdressers standing on their feet and holding hairbrushes and hairdryers over people’s hair all day long.

He said muscles starts to form an off-centre position and then when people try to sit or lie down, it doesn’t conform.

Hairdresser injury from standing

Another hairdresser came to see the massage therapist with something very similar. Photo: Facebook

He also claimed it’s very common in the industry and recommended Pilates and yoga to try to relieve it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Hitesh said he helped the woman in the picture by massaging her body and giving her more “mobility”.

“Light pink indicates just every day fatigue, red marks show little bit more tiredness and damage,” he said.

“When it goes purple and black indicate old very stagnant stubborn double inch which might take a little bit longer to deal with.”
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