'Destined to fail': MAFS bride takes aim at experts

Penny Burfitt
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Hayley took aim at the experts after last night's commitment ceremony. Photo: Nine

Married at First Sight bride Hayley has all but confirmed her rocky marriage to David is headed for the toilet (literally -toothbrush gate is just around the corner folks) and she’s taken aim at the experts this morning over the mismatch.

Appearing on Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Hayley dropped a number of bombs about the experiment, none more explosive than her take on the ‘expert’s’ work so far

Fitzy hit the nail on the head with a scathing assessment of the love matching going on, that Hayley couldn’t have agreed with more,

“You put your heart out there, you want to find love and you’re destined to fail,” he told her.

“Yeah in a way,” she said, before adding decisively. “With David, yes.”

Hayley’s father’s prediction comes true

Now the bride has revealed that she didn’t go into the experiment totally blind to what was awaiting her, sharing the jaw-dropping warning her father issued after she was accepted onto the show.

In a scathing assessment, Hayley’s dad slammed the experts’ approach to the matchmaking, which Hayley was all too ready to agree with.

“I remember my dad having a pretty candid conversation with me before I went on the show and he said ‘Hales you know you’re not the Cam and Jules yeah?’” she told the radio station.

The experts came under fire from Hayley and her dad, who accused them of setting the bride up to fail. Photo: Nine

Elaborating, she explained the theory that has all but come to fruition, that one couple is intended to make it, and everyone else is there for good television.

Quoting her dad’s words further, Hayley revealed he foresaw her heart being shattered by the experience.

“One couple is going to make it on the show and they haven’t put you on here babe to be the love story... don’t look at this through rose coloured glasses you’re going to get your heartbroken,’” she quoted her dad.

It looks like dad couldn’t have been more right, with the bride going on to essentially confirm the couple have parted ways.

“Things get better before they do go south but it’s for a short period of time,” she told the hosts.

Hayley takes aim at David’s parents

David's parents seemed to come under Hayley's fire when she dropped a loaded statement about church-goers. Photo: Nine

As for her disapproving in-laws, Hayley had a scathing assessment to offer when she later appeared on Chrissie, Sam & Browny.

“As you’re going to see, plenty of bad people go to church,” she told the trio.

The MAFS cast is dominating headlines just two weeks into the new season, with a number of the stars dropping bombshell spoilers, and eyebrow-raising anecdotes about the show.

Last week Mikey Pembroke had fans doing a double-take with a salacious seeing joke about Hayley and Ivan becoming an item, while bride Stacey suffered a major social media misstep after she over-shared her lonely Valentine’s Day plans all but confirming her split from hubby Michael.

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