The Sweetest Photos of Morning Show Anchors with Their Grandkids

From Katie Couric and Al Roker to Gayle King, these TV hosts have a few generations to love at home

<p>Al Roker / Instagram</p> Al Roker with his grandchild

Al Roker / Instagram

Al Roker with his grandchild

These TV anchors wake up with a lot to be thankful for. After raising kids of their own, morning show mainstays like Gayle King, Kathie Lee Gifford and Al Roker have become grandparents, with Katie Couric becoming the latest to join the club in March of 2024. And despite their broadcasting fame, they obsessed over their baby's babies just like the rest of their generation, always sharing sweet photos with and stories about the little ones.

See broadcast news' brightest stars off screen and in full grandparent mode as they gush over their families' youngest members.

Katie Couric

<p> Katie Couric/Instagram</p> Katie Couric with her grandchild

Katie Couric/Instagram

Katie Couric with her grandchild

Welcome to the club, Katie Couric! The former Today anchor's daughter Ellie welcomed her first baby in March 2024.

"John Albert Dobrosky was born on his due date, Saturday, March 23rd at 8:23 am, just shy of seven pounds. He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather," Couric wrote on Instagram alongside some snaps, referring to her late husband and Ellie's father, Jay Monahan, who died in 1998 at age 42 from colon cancer.

"Mom and Dad are over the moon, I am thrilled to have my first grandchild, Carrie can’t wait to be a cool Aunt and Molner is enjoying handing out cigars. We feel so blessed. 💙🥰🍼👶🏻💙 We’ll have more tomorrow in Wake-Up Call ⏰❤️," Couric added, teasing more updates to come about the baby in her daily newsletter.

Gayle King

<p>Gayle King/Instagram</p> Gayle King with her grandson

Gayle King/Instagram

Gayle King with her grandson

The CBS Mornings anchor became a grandma in 2021, when her daughter Kirby Bumpus welcomed a baby boy with her husband Virgil Miller. Since then, King has spent loads of time bonding with her grandson, Luca, and showing up for all of his milestone moments.

In March 2022, the TV host gushed about the little guy on Parents Magazine's We Are Family podcast.

"I'm so nuts about this child," King said. "I'm certainly not the first person to have a grandchild — I realize that, but what I like is seeing Kirby become a mother herself. She's so good at it. She and her husband, Virgil, are such great partners."

Al Roker

<p>Al Roker / Instagram</p> Al Roker with his grandchild

Al Roker / Instagram

Al Roker with his grandchild

Despite how it may seem, Al Roker insists that his granddaughter, Sky Clara Laga, was not named after his profession as a weatherman! The Today star spoke about becoming a grandparent just after his daughter Courtney Roker welcomed the little girl in July 2023.

"It is magical, it really is," Roker told his co-anchors Savannah GuthrieHoda KotbCraig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones. He continued, "The thing is, everyone tells you it’s going to be 'this thing' and you don’t know; it’s like when they tell you about having your first child. And then to hold this little girl, knowing almost 35 years ago I held her mom?"

Roker shared photos with baby Sky to celebrate her first couple of months in the world. "Here’s to my little Sky Clara being here 2 months," he said in his Instagram caption, adding, "That went fast."

Lester Holt

Lester Holt/Instagram Lester Holt with his grandsons
Lester Holt/Instagram Lester Holt with his grandsons

Lester Holt has a trio of grandkids to dote on at home. His son, fellow journalist Stefan Holt, and daughter-in-law Morgan are parents to sons Henry, 6, Sam, 4, and James (not pictured), who turns 2 in late September.

During the pandemic (before baby James arrived), the NBC News anchor proudly shared how the third-generation Holts were dipping their tiny toes in the broadcasting world with their dad. During a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show, Lester told Jimmy Fallon that Henry and Sam were helping Stefan record his broadcasts. Lester shared a photo of his two grandsons standing on either side of their dad's camera setup.

"It warmed my heart because it immediately made me think of a picture that was taken when I was an anchor in Chicago at the CBS station,” said Lester, who is a father of two between Stefan and younger son Cameron. “It was really heartwarming to think back, God I remember when you guys were little and we did pictures like that, and now there’s my grandson.”

Kathie Lee Gifford

<p>Joan Lunden/Instagram </p> Kathie Lee Gifford with her grandkids

Joan Lunden/Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford with her grandkids

The former morning show anchor gets to experience twice as much family fun as a grandparent of two. Gifford's son Cody welcomed a little boy of his own, Frankie, in May 2022, and her daughter Cassidy became a boy-mom with the arrival of her son Finn in June 2023.

Gifford frequently obsesses over the little boys on social media, posting sweet photos of and with her grandsons. This past July, the Today alum shared a photo of her and one-year-old Frankie wearing matching sun hats. Her caption oozed with grandmotherly love: "Heaven…. I’m in heaven! Or as close as I’m going to get to it on this earth!" she wrote alongside the snap.

And her brood is only growing: In June, Cody and his wife Erika announced that they are expecting baby number two; in November 2023, their second son arrived.

Joan Lunden

<p>Joan Lunden/Instagram </p> Joan Lunden grandkids

Joan Lunden/Instagram

Joan Lunden grandkids

The former Good Morning America co-host is a mother to seven and a grandmother of four. Joan Lunden's eldest daughter, Jamie, is mom to sons Asher, 4, and Mason, who turned 8 on Sept. 9. Her second-born daughter, Lindsay, has one daughter Parker, 9, and one son named Leo, 6.

Lunden shares Jamie, 43, Lindsay, 40, and her third daughter Sarah, 36, with ex-husband Michael Krauss. With her second husband Jeff Konigsberg, the Good Morning America alumna welcomed two sets of twins via surrogate. Her son Max and daughter Kate were born in 2003, and her son Jack and daughter Kim followed in 2005.

Jane Pauley

<p> Ross Trudeau/Instagram</p> Jane Pauley with her grandkids

Ross Trudeau/Instagram

Jane Pauley with her grandkids

Jane Pauley, who succeeded Barbara Walters on Today, has grandchildren through her three kids, all of whom she shares with husband Garry Trudeau. In 2021, her son Ross posted a photo of his former TV anchor mom enjoying some quality time with the little ones. In the snap, Pauley cuddles and reads a book to her two grandkids while Ross' wife, Jessie, looks on lovingly.

"People will read again," Ross captioned the sweet shot, which he shared on X (formerly Twitter).

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